Final Fantasy Tactics Successor Has yet to Reach Kickstarter Goal [Video]

Final Fantasy successor Unsung Story Yasumi Matsuno

Final Fantasy VII stole the spotlight in the 90’s for many growing up. As a result, Final Fantasy Tactics was left hidden in a shadow unexplored by most casual gamers. Those dedicated strategy and Final Fantasy fans ventured into the less explored shadows to discover the wonderful world within Final Fantasy Tactics. It was a game that did a lot for the genre and for is remembered as such today. Yasumi Matsuno, creator of Final Fantasy Tactics, is working on a successor that has yet to reach its kickstarter goal, Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians.

Unsung Story Final Fantasy Tactics Yasumi Matsuno

Final Fantasy Tactics was continued by Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (on the Game Boy Advance) but a lot had changed about the game, especially story-wise. This new successor is not coming from Square Enix but instead Playdek, a small studio with a background mostly in card and board games. However, Playdek is not alone. Yasumi Matsuno has joined the team along with long time Final Fantasy composer Hitoshi Sakamoto, and long time Final Fantasy artist Akihiko Yoshida.

The name of this Final Fantasy Tactics successor is Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians. The idea behind the concept is to bring all of the elements together that fans loved about Final Fantasy Tactics. Such elements include powerfully deep and intertwining story, complex and rewarding combat, and grand orchestrated battle music.

The current kickstarter goal is $600,000 however, depending on the amount pledged the project could grow into something much bigger. A “Stretch Goals” list has been created which offers additional content (such as an arena mode) as well as other platforms the game could make it to (including the Nintendo 3DS or even the PlayStation 4). Surprisingly, the kickstarter goal for this project has not yet been met. With more than 13,000 backers and $535,000 the campaign has only 48 hours left to reach the goal of $600,000.

The individuals working on Unsung Story are dedicated to the success of the project for a very simple reason, they are fans, they love the idea. To have such a group that is so wholly devoted to the enjoyment of a game is beyond refreshing in the video game industry. Playdek wants to give this game to the players in whatever manner the player wants, but they do need the funds in order to accomplish that.

The minimum donation is only $1 but reaches up to $5,000. Donation incentives include being added to the credits, viewing and consulting the artists on the art style in beta, becoming an NPC and more. Most categories are limited in space but have yet to be filled.

With only 48 hours remaining Unsung Story: Tales of the Guardians is close to their kickstarter goal. The sad part is that unless some serious donations come in quick the additional stretch goals (that could really add to the experience) may not make it in. This Final Fantasy Tactics successor has the potential and the team but will they get the necessary funding? If it meets its goal Unsung Story will launch on PC, Mac, Android and iOS. To donate click here.


By Garrett Jutte


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