Flappy Bird App Will Be Yanked by Its Developer

Flappy Bird App Will Be Yanked by Its Developer

The wildly popular Flappy Bird app is being yanked from app stores by its developer, Indie Game developer Dong Nguyen, of Hanoi, Vietnam, on Sunday. He said in tweets it’s not due to “legal issues” adding that he “just can’t keep it anymore.”

In the tweets Dong Nguyen has issued about the decision he made to pull his free Flappy Bird app from app stores, Nguyen apologizes to users of his Flappy Bird app. For an unspecified reason or reasons, Nguyen said that he “cannot take this anymore.”

Nguyen’s decision to yank his Flappy Bird app doesn’t mean that he has given up on making further game apps. He’s still very involved doing that. He was also asked if he wanted to sell his Flappy Bird app, but so far, the answer’s been “no.”

Currently, the Flappy Bird app is the number one free app at both the Google Play app store and Apple’s App Store. Nguyen is the only developer at his game studio, called .GEARS. Nguyen seems to be as surprised by the incredible success of his Flappy Bird app as anyone else, saying that he doesn’t have much time to do anything else other than “uploading the game.”

Certain details about Nguyen’s decision to yank the Flappy Bird app are not known yet. The exact reason(s) why Nguyen has elected to yank the game app are still unclear, unless it is mainly that he has no time to do anything other than to upload the game, as he has stated.

Also, it’s unclear if people who have already downloaded the Flappy Bird app will still be able to continue playing it or not. That would probably in general be the case, though Nguyen has not issued a comment about this yet.

Nguyen also seems to be a bit overwhelmed by the numerous press requests he’s received, asking for interviews and for him to comment about his Flappy Bird app. He’s asked for the press to just “give me peace.”

In a related development, the Flappy Bird app is now also at the Windows Phone website. However, Nguyen has stated that he didn’t develop a version for the platform, so where it came from is somewhat of a mystery. The version Nguyen developed is only available for Android and Apple devices.

IG Mobile is the name listed as the publisher of the Windows Phone version.

Believe it or not, so far the Flappy Bird free app, launched in May 2013, has had over 50 million people download it. If you want to download it for yourselves, you need to do it soon, as it will no longer be available after Sunday, when Nguyen yanks it.

How much money is the Flappy Bird game app generating for Nguyen?

Reportedly, the free Flappy Bird app just took 2-3 days to design and develop, and is earning Mr. Nguyen almost $50,000 per day in advertising revenue. Not bad for a couple of days of work, but apparently the economic gain is not worth the time it’s taking away from Mr. Nguyen’s daily pursuits and the development of other game apps.

Flappy Birds has been reviewed over 22 million times by people on YouTube who, in general, like the very addictive game, but who also are exasperated by how difficult it can be at times.

Some major game app companies have accused Nguyen of manipulating the gaming charts through the use of robots and/or paid-for promotions. Nguyen has denied these claims, but he also stated to a NEwsweek reporter that it “doesn’t matter” really if he did. He answered the question about faking the chart results by asking (paraphrasing here) why should Apple allow it to happen, if the results were really faked?

The hours are ticking by, so if you haven’t yet downloaded the Flappy Bird app but you think you might like to, now is the time to do it before the developer Mr. Dong Nguyen yanks it from the app stores on Sunday. See for yourselves if you think the game is as addictive as many people claim it to be. If you have downloaded it already, please let me know how you like it in the comment area below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb


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