Flappy Bird Creator Is Taking Game App Down for Good

Flappy Bird Creator Is Taking Game App Down For Good

There is very bad news in store for Flappy Bird fans because the creator of the app has stated he has decided to remove his game from both Google Play Store and also Apple’s Apps only seven short days after the game experienced an abrupt rush in its popularity. In a recent tweet, the Vietnam based Dong Nguyen stated that he would be taking the game down possibly as soon as Sunday. The Flappy Bird maker wrote that he had decided to take the game down the game because he could not take it anymore, not quite stating what “it” actually was.

In another tweet that was later to follow, he informed the public that his bizarre decision to remove the game was not related to anything legal. He stated that he just “cannot keep it anymore”, apparently meaning the Flappy Bird game itself. He failed to give any more details after that on his stunning plans to yank the game, which had risen to the very top of the free games charts on both Google Play and also iTunes.

On Feb. 4,  Nguyen had sent out a tweet to the media which claimed that the press had overrated the achievement of Flappy Bird. He declared that the attention was something he never wanted and he also stated to please give him peace. He did not state what was happening to take away his harmony.

The game is very simple. It features a tiny bird that players have to navigate through a series of pipes by tapping on their screens in order to keep him in the air. Even those it is simple, it has a great degree of difficulty, as even the smallest amount of touch with any object causes the game to be over.

So now just when the little bird had soared into many a heart with equal parts addiction and also frustration, Flappy Bird could be grounded forever.

Nguyen has never been overly enthusiastic about the vast response the app started getting since first getting off the ground in January. He had even tweeted that he felt like the little game’s success had started to feel like some sort of a curse. That was also tweeted by Nguyen on Saturday. He definitely has a way with words.

Even though Flappy Bird is allegedly bringing in around $50,000 in sales each day, Nguyen has stated that he has no plans to start selling the app. It is not believed that this is some sort of publicity stunt because Flappy Bird is doing so well but no one knows for sure. The company who developed Flappy Bird had no comment on the news.

It is also unknown if all the Flappy Bird fans who have downloaded the addictive game are going to be able to keep on playing it on their phones or not.  Needless to say, people who stated they were once fans of Nguyen have stated that if he takes away Flappy Bird, they will definitely cease to be. There is very bad news in store for Flappy Bird fans.

By Kimberly Ruble


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