Floyd Mayweather Lets the People Pick Next Opponent

Floyd Mayweather

 Floyd Mayweather will seek assistance from the people in deciding who his next opponent should be for his next fight coming up at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Nevada on May 3. He is giving them a chance to vote on who he should face in the contest. As so many boxing enthusiasts dislike the Filipino star, Manny Pacquiao, he is not one of the two men Floyd listed as potential opponents. The two men with the opportunity to take on ‘Money’ Mayweather are Amir Khan and Argentinian Marcos Maidana. Floyd has never been shy about using the social media and has used many different outlets at his disposal to promote his upcoming fights with his fans. It is a tool he is using now to excite the fans for the upcoming event.

Khan and Maidana
Khan and Maidana stand side by side before their fight.

It has been said that Marcos Maidana may have started to pull away from Khan for the potential event in a few different senses. As of earlier today, the vote for Maidana had nearly 60 percent of the fans vote and nearly 7,000 people had voted on the potential fight as of February 4. Floyd’s camp also thinks that they may have an easier path to promoting a fight between the two boxers with the recent moves Marcos has made.

Maidana joined Golden Boy Promotions, which happens to be the same promoters Mayweather has used for his boxing matches since 2007. He has also hired Al Haymon, who has advised and managed Mayweather in the past. He also just recently landed one of Maidana’s biggest fights to date; when he defeated Adrien Broner and won the World Boxing Association welterweight title. Needless to say, a lot of common components between the two may lead to a match in the coming months ahead.

Amir Khan may have a valid argument when it come to his bit to fight the reigning undefeated fighter. Khan holds only three losses to his 28 wins, with one of those wins coming in 2010 when he beat Marcos Maidana himself by unanimous decision. His former coach, Freddie Roach, who is also MannyPacquiao’s current trainer, has been quoted to saying he feels Khan has the tools to beat Floyd on any given day. He feels the British fighter has a lot more speed, and if Khan fights Floyd correctly, that the undefeated champion may have his hands full all night. That may be the case, but Floyd’s camp does not like Khans credentials going into a potential fight. Khan doesn’t have a title to offer going into the fight, having lost both title fights back to back in years 2011 and 2012.

Either way, the two fighters’ names do not cause quite the stir Manny Pacquiao’s name does when mentioned in the same sentence as Floyd. It will never be a true fans’ decision until that fight comes about, which many feel will never happen. Mayweather feels Pacquiao’s name has lost its appeal to earn substantial draws from the box office, and Manny still may never come to terms on what kind of testing Floyd’s camp would require if they ever do decide to discuss a potential bout between the two. Until then, the people of the boxing world get to pick between two fighters for Floyd Mayweather.  It may not be the one they want to see, but at least the flamboyant boxer has given an opportunity for the casual fan to have some sort of opinion on his future opponents.

by Justin Huffman


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