Paul Walker Will Mystery Answered 25 Million to Daughter Meadow

Paul Walker Mystery of Will Answered: 25 Million Dollar Estate to Daughter Meadow

Like the mystery of Paul Walker’s death the mystery of his will was answered on Tuesday by court documents which show that his $25 million estate goes to his daughter Meadow. When the popular star of the Fast & Furious franchise died on November 30, 2013 conspiracy theories filled the Internet with ideas of just how and why the 40 year-old actor had met his fiery end.

On the day that Walker died, he was attending his own charity event a fundraiser for Reach Out Worldwide which was to help victims of Typhoon Haiyan which hit the Philippines. Walker and his close friend and business partner Roger Rodas got into a red Porsche Carrera GT for a quick trip. While driving back to the event in Valencia, Santa Clarita, California, Rodas; who was driving; crashed the vehicle which then burst into flame.

Both men died; 38 year-old Rodas instantly and Walker died from a combination of injuries sustained during the crash. Fans of Walker and of the Fast & Furious franchise were stunned by the news that this vibrant part of a Hollywood blockbuster film series was dead. Paul had been working on Fast & Furious 7 in his role as Brian O’Conner and his family; as well as his coworkers on the films were devastated by his untimely death.

The Internet was full of theories as to what caused the car to burst into flame. There were suggestions of plots by the infamous Illuminati; accusations that a governmental drone had hit the car; a “Z” listed celeb revealed that Walker had been murdered; and it was even opined that Rodas had been the intended victim of a drug cartel “hit.” Conspiracy theories have, thankfully, taken a back seat to the real grief and shock of a community while Walker’s friends and family struggled to make sense of it all.

Everything connected with Paul Walker’s death had an air of mystery. Questions were asked of what had gone so horribly wrong in those last moments in the Porsche. Why did it catch fire and why did the car burn so ferociously, were just two of the queries that needed answers. After the grieving passed, more questions were asked about Walker’s estate. How much did he have at the time of his death; who would get it and when. Now it seems that Meadow will get all of it, which has been valued at $25 million, based upon Paul’s home and other property.

In the days and weeks following the philanthropic star’s death, hoaxers put up fake Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for Paul’s 15 year-old daughter Meadow. The strangest thing about Walker’s death was not the flaming car or the suddenness of his death, however, it was a death hoax that had been spread on the Internet the day prior to the star’s death.

Walker’s agent had the unenviable task of hearing the hoax news on Friday. Saturday morning, November 30, he announced that his client was fine only to relay later the same day that Walker was, in fact, dead. Despite the tasteless hoax that preceded the star’s death being castigated by all, more hoaxes continued to spring up. A fake Cory Walker Facebook page, actually several were created, asked for fans of “his brother” to hit “like” as a sign of respect. The media frenzy and the resultant circus it became must have been almost impossible for Walker’s family.

None more so than his daughter Meadow. Many of Paul Walker’s fans wanted to reach out to the teenager, but, she stayed behind the scenes. Meadow did attend the December premiere of Justin Bieber’s Believe. A source has said that the teen is staying with her mother and coping well with all the stress. Last year, her grandfather who is also named Paul, spoke about how devastated she was by her dad’s death, but, her family and friends were all there to help her get through it.

Filming will continue on Fast & Furious 7 without Paul Walker, but, his character will remain in the film. The mystery of just how the actor’s will would disperse his estate seems to have been answered according to court documents. His daughter Meadow gets the entire estimated $25 million and apparently her grandmother has been named as her legal guardian. The probate hearing has been set for February 20.

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  2. Lola Sorento   February 5, 2014 at 3:27 pm

    im totally with meadow’s mom on this! find more info here, just hope paul’s kid doenst become the next bieber!


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