Ford Expedition 2015 Model Sees Biggest Changes Since 2007

Ford Expedition

The 2015 Ford Expedition model, recently unveiled for the first time at the Dallas Fort Worth Auto Show, will see the vehicle’s biggest changes since its 2007 edition. While the modifications are minimal in terms of appearance and design, consumers familiar with the past several years of Expeditions should have no trouble recognizing the areas Ford did choose to tinker with.

Headlining the list of changes is a whole new engine. The Ford Expedition is doing away with its traditional V-8 engine in favor of Ford’s new V-6 turbocharged EcoBoost engine. In this instance, going with a smaller engine will not mean sacrificing any power, as the output on the EcoBoost projects at 365 horsepower compared to just 310 horsepower for the V-8. In terms of raw output, the old engine in previous Expedition models simply falls short. The new V-6 should also offer better fuel economy for drivers as well.

However, the new engine is not the sole reason the Ford Expedition’s 2015 model is seeing its biggest changes since 2007. Ford also made a few minor cosmetic changes as well, including adding the Platinum trim level already featured in the company’s top-selling F-Series trucks, new designs on the grille and tailgate, and subtle changes to the headlamps and front bumper.

More notable than the changes to the exterior style, however, are the updates the interior sees. Inside, the 2015 Expedition has several significant adjustments, such as a redesigned instrument cluster, a variety of leather styles to choose from for the seats, a new steering wheel, and a wide variety of new technology. At the root of this added technology is a center console that features Ford’s most up-to-date communication and entertain system, MyFord Touch. Other key technologies included in the Expedition include a push button start, a camera for the rear, blind spot alert, remote starting ability, and a robust 700-watt audio system from Sony complete with 10 speakers.

All of these changes, both externally as well as internally–including the major engine overhaul–have also been introduced in the 2015 Lincoln Navigator, the Expedition’s nearly identical twin. Conversely, the 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe, perhaps its biggest competition, features a complete overhaul all the way around.

As nearly half the Expedition purchases take place in the state of Texas, it only makes sense for Ford to unveil their 2015 edition at the Dallas Fort Worth Auto Show, even if it is not the location the company normally chooses. While the bulky Expedition has seen a sharp decline in sales the last several years as more and more consumers began choosing the more fuel-efficient crossover-style SUV options instead, Ford is clearly unwilling to give up on the market at this point.

The new EcoBoost engine coupled with some experts projecting gas prices to continue on a downward slope, the company has reason for optimism, and some see the 2015 edition as an attempt to reestablish the Expedition as a major force in the SUV division.

The fact that the 2015 edition has seen the biggest number of changes since 2007 could well be enough to help the Ford Expedition rebound, but even if the company is unsuccessful, it will not be throwing in the towel on the model. Early speculation has another major change, this one a complete redesign, scheduled for the Expedition in just a few short years. Expect the 2015 edition to be available at dealerships in the second half of 2014.

By Spencer Hendricks


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3 Responses to "Ford Expedition 2015 Model Sees Biggest Changes Since 2007"

  1. Milton Stevens   June 15, 2014 at 2:35 pm

    anxious to see what to buy next

  2. Milton Stevens   June 15, 2014 at 2:31 pm

    I have owned Ford V8 trucks, pickups & Expeditions since the early 70’s. Work trucks and recreational use. I was an RV dealer for many years, now retired and still drive a
    V8 2007 Expedition EL with 140,000 miles. It doesn’t burn one drop of oil I think because I change it every 2500 to 3000 miles using the best synthetic oil. Not sure how long I will push it before getting a new one. Anxious to see what new is coming. I am on a 1000 mile trip east right now. I sure like some of your new ideas for the new one.

  3. marcos   February 21, 2014 at 6:42 pm

    So Ford says no more 6.2l in f150 and now no v8 for the expedition wtf is Ford trying to get rid of their v8 customers

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