Godzilla Glimpse Gets Fans Giddy [Video]

GodzillaGodzilla is about to stomp his way back onto the big screen and fans have been treated to their first sighting of one of the movie world’s most iconic monsters. The giant dinosaur may only star in the trailer of the upcoming Godzilla film for a few seconds, but even this brief of sighting of Godzilla is sure to get fans giddy with excitement.

The trailer opens with an aerial view of the devastation caused by Godzilla as gridlocked cars and crashed airplanes fill the screen. Next comes a shot of people fleeing from their homes and through a street as the film’s hero looks on. The trailer cuts to the hero running through an underground tunnel before a cut to military motors and helicopters moving through the desert.  Next up, viewers are teased with a shot of a devastated city of collapsing buildings and holes stamped into the ground before the ultimate moment of destruction, a damaged Statue of Liberty who is left with a hole smashed into the side of her face and her torch carrying arm ripped off. Over the top of all this a voice-over asks what is behind all this terror?  After which a voice refusing to accept the  answer from the voice of authority saying it is a natural disaster, claiming instead that the real cause is being hidden.

The cause of the disaster from the scaly reptile Godzilla remained hidden from the viewer for a little while longer. Fans do not get a glimpse of the beast they are giddy to see until nearly a minute into the trailer when the tip of one of Godzilla’s spikes peaks out of the water and begins waving about terror-stricken citizens on the ground. Viewers then see military personnel searching the jungle, as desperate to catch a sighting of the monster as its fans. Fans have to wait though until 1:15 to get another sighting when part of Godzilla’s scaly back bursts out of the Pacific ocean followed by a nuclear explosion which is accompanied by a voice-over informing the viewer how the so-called nuclear test was in fact one of the many failed methods employed to kill Godzilla.

At 1:30 into the trailer, as a voice-over says we have no idea of what is coming, Godzilla’s tail can be seen swinging in the midst of buildings ablaze in flames.The build up does not let up and fans are teased with a shot of Godzilla’s form hidden in the rising sea as he makes his way to wreak havoc on civilization.

It does not stop there, help on the way for the innocent citizens. A shot shows the military jumping out of planes and readying their weapons on boats.  Another shot shows armed hunters underground. One of those hunters appears to be the hero’s nearest and dearest, as a tearful goodbye between the two takes place she disappears behind closed doors arousing  fan’s sympathy for the hero, months before they will get to see how the story unfolds on the big screen.

Finally the fans get a glimpse of what they have been waiting to see. Missiles are shot at a Godzilla hidden in the waves and a foot crashes in the city. Trains smash and passengers jump out. A man ask if the beast can be killed. A woman looks on and holds her child close. At 2:13 we see what is causing all the carnage: Godzilla. The reptile’s head and neck are visible from the viewpoint of closing doors. It is a brief yet thrilling sighting, worth the wait and whetting the appetite. The screen fades out as Godzilla’s roar is heard over his name while the film’s title fills the screen and fan’s minds with anticipation.

The film, directed by Gareth Edwards,who helmed Monsters, along with stars such as Aaron Taylor, Elizabeth Olsen and Brian Cranston, will be released May 2014. This first trailer promises a Hollywood blockbuster to get fans giddy with excitement. The prospect of not just a glimpse of Godzilla, but an entire movie dedicated to one of film’s most famous beasts is about to become very real very soon.



By Christian Deverille