Pistorius Cookies in Bad Taste for Bakery


Charly’s Bakery, a popular bakery in South Africa, has put their cookies in the fire as a result of some baking they say was not intended for public sale.  The bakery had a variety of cookies with Oscar Pistorius-related jokes on display, according to the company’s Twitter feed, when there had been some public outcry against the meme cookies.  Pistorius is currently facing a murder charge in the Valentine’s Day 2013 shooting death of Reeva Steenkamp, his girlfriend.

Pistorius shot to fame as the world’s first double amputee to compete in the Olympics.  Nicknamed the “Blade Runner”, he competed in the London 2012 Olympics, running in the 400 m and 4 X 400 m relay.  While he capably won medals across several Paralympic events, he finished in the 2012 Games in eighth.

He has now become far more notorious in the aftermath of the shooting that claimed his girlfriend Steenkamp’s life.  The legendary Paralympian is accused of firing shots through the closed bathroom door at Steenkamp, who Pistorius says he believes was an intruder at the time.  As the trial approaches, Charly’s Bakery, located in Cape Town, decided they wanted to invite debate by creating the meme cookies, which features sayings such as “Just do it.  He did it,” a nod to former sponsor Nike, and “And the Oscar goes to…jail”.

The Pistorius cookies were apparently intended to invite debate and discussion among the bakery’s patrons, but customers decided that the cookies were mostly in bad taste.  Pictures of the biscuits were taken down from the Twitter feed for Charly’s Bakery with an apology admitting to a degree of shame on the bakery’s part.  The bakery admitted that the cookies were never intended for public consumption, but have created a stir throughout South Africa, whose citizens are watching news of the trial.

The trial starts Monday, and the presiding judge ruled that parts of the trial could be televised, something which Pistorius’ lawyers had fought unsuccessfully against.  The trial marks the first time that television cameras would be allowed in a courtroom, and the judge said should Pistorius or anyone testifying in the trial not give their consent to being filmed, they would not be filmed.  Audio recording of the trial, however, would be permitted throughout for radio broadcast.

The Facebook page for Charly’s Bakery is packed with comments about the Oscar Pistorius cookies, and while some patrons have expressed their support for the bakery’s creations, others have denigrated the bakery.  The owners continue to apologize via Facebook, and did express apologies via Twitter to the Steenkamp family for what they say is their mistake.  The bakery says they “own it completely” and have since removed the shot of the cookies from the company’s Twitter feed.

The Oscar Pistorius cookies created by Charly’s Bakery in South Africa have brought the bakery international recognition, but reaction is mixed.  The company continues to feel the backlash of the Pistorius cookies that left a bad taste in many patrons’ mouths.  Pistorius’ trial begins Monday in a South African courtroom, and Pistorius’ family is using the runner’s website to update his supporters with news of how the trial is progressing.

By Christina St-Jean


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  1. Koos Karoo   February 27, 2014 at 3:41 am

    This is the beginning of the end of Charly’s bakery. It is an unforgiveable naive thing to do. And that from people who claim persecution as part of their heritage….


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