Healthy Choice Yogurt

Healthy Choice
Eating right is the initial step towards living a balanced healthy lifestyle.  It is imperative to make healthy choice when consuming variety of foods.  One of the best foods for the body is yogurt.  Studies have proven that low fat plain yogurt without any preservatives lowers diabetes and is a healthy choice for calcium, magnesium, vitamins and protein source.

According to the University of Cambridge studies, yogurt is a healthy choice dairy in preventing diabetes.  Those who consume low fat yogurt more are less likely to suffer from diabetes than people who do not eat yogurt.  People who consume healthy choices in food are at low risk of developing any disease.  The analysis compared by the University of Cambridge was published in Diabetologia, European Association for the Study of Diabetes journal.  The control group and others’ data were analyzed in this study, and it showed that population who is healthy makes a healthier choice for their meals than those who are at higher risk of developing diabetes.  Nonetheless, there is no scientific cause and effect, but there is a strong correlation that healthy choice prevents people from many ailments.

Health plays a crucial role in a person’s life; health is what most people call “wealth” and making healthy choice is extremely essential.  Low fat plain yogurt contains benficial bacteria produced in fermentation process, vitamin D, VitaminK, calcium, magnesium, proteins and fatty acids.  Thus, people that eat a healthy choice like yogurt have a better chance of remaining healthy.  The healthy nutrients provide their body with the essential vitamins and amino acids.  All of these nutrients are extremely indispensable to the functioning body, and they contribute to person’s strength and vitality.

Furthermore, Dr. Nita Forouhi, the medical research group leader at the University of Cambridge, said the pro-biotic bacteria (vitamin K) in a healthy choice low fat yogurt prevents or reduces the risks of inflammations, and diseases such as: colorectal cancer, Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease and diabetes.  A healthy choice of yogurt not only minimizes the risk getting life threatening diseases, but it boasts immunity and weight loss.  Approximately 4.4 ounces of yogurt is safe to consume in one week.  A healthy choice curd removes microorganisms that damage the body.

Moreover, yogurt detoxifies the body from impurities.  The study also suggests that a regular healthy choice in selections of fresh vegetables, regular exercise, and balanced intake of food reduces the risk of various diseases.  Yogurts that are high in sugar and preservatives are detrimental to a person’s healthy immune system, as added sugars increases chance of diabetes.  Type 2 diabetes is reduced in people who consume healthy dairy products such as cottage cheese, yogurt, and who exercise regularly.  Highly fermented products do not generate reduced risks, but instead act as a booster in increasing the risk; alcohol and smoking do not reduce risks of diabetes.  Substituting a  healthy choice, like yogurt, in the diet instead of crackers and junk is a leap towards living a balanced, active, healthy and energetic life.

Opinion By Iqra Amjad



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