Hillary Clinton Scorpio Superwoman

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is often the subject of intense media scrutiny. She inspires all kind of emotions in observers: fear, hate and even love for those precious few who understand this mysterious woman. While the public recognizes her superwoman achievements, few understand her Scorpio inclinations. Ahead of the 2016 presidential elections, the question on everyone’s mind seems to be will she run for president?

America’s best-selling and world famous astrologer, Linda Goodman notes in her book, Sun Signs that more U.S. presidents have been born under Scorpio than any other sun sign.

Hillary Clinton certainly has the experience, but the pressure if she were to become America’s first female president would be enormous. Goodman states emphatically that every Scorpio woman possesses the “secret regret” that she was not born a man. While America has had no shortage of male Scorpio presidents, including Theodore Roosevelt, it has never had a female president, let alone a Scorpio female president.

In October, Clinton said she would seriously consider a campaign, but she would only start thinking about it in the months between 2014 and 2015. For the time being, she wants to think more “broadly.” So far, so Scorpio…

The former first lady’s comments make for vague, unreadable commentary. Certainly, the run up to November’s elections will involve a grueling campaign schedule. Understandably, Hillary Clinton wants to make sure it is the right time. Her supporters believe she embodies the central tenants of liberalism, the belief that the government should address social problems and inequalities.

Clinton’s career began with Children’s Defense Fund, where she regularly visited children to understand why they skipped school. She discovered it was because of financial hardship or disabilities. Scorpio women are known to exhibit a superwoman ability to sympathize with the sick or downtrodden and Hillary Clinton is no exception. She is considered a progressive for her political views.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary reveals her Scorpio wrath.

However, as a wife, critics have accused her of regressing to another era, questioning why she stood by her man despite his blatant philandering. Kathleen Willey famously claimed that Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her. In an interview on FNC, Willey stated that Hillary Clinton regularly launched “terror campaigns” on women whose only crime was being in wrong place at the wrong time. Scorpio women can be overbearing, domineering, sarcastic and frigid when they are angry. Linda Goodman notes that Scorpios can hate with bitter venom just as easily as they can love with fierce abandon. Kathleen Willey must have been on the receiving end of Hillary’s venom.

Willey returned some of the venom by insinuating that Hillary Clinton could only find power through her husband’s achievements. She concluded that the easiest way to handle the scandals that rocked the Clintons’ marriage was for Hillary to ruin the women behind the allegations.

Willey’s comments, while vitriol, were not far off the mark. Scorpio women are known for letting their “man be the boss” and will apply their talents to help their man achieve his goals. Linda Goodman states that a Scorpio woman will always defend her man in public. However, Hillary Clinton was not protecting her husband, because she was weak or incapable of carving out her own career; she was protecting him out of loyalty. In a much publicized interview in 1992 with 60 Minutes she said she was not sitting there as “some little woman” standing by her man. She told the program that she was sitting in front of cameras, because she loved him and respected him.

Hillary Clinton
The 60 Minutes interview aired in 1992. Hillary sits loyally by her man.

Undoubtedly, Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs in the zodiac. People tend to think of Scorpios as verminous, cut-throat creatures, who will destroy anyone who stands in their way. Indeed, public perception of Clinton seems to mirror this sentiment. Time Magazine recently wrote an article entitled, “Hillary Clinton: Can Anyone Stop Her?”

The image on the front cover was provocative, showing a man being trampled by a high heel, which could only belong to the presidential hopeful. This Scorpio superwoman might not have a stinger, but enemies should be aware of Hillary Clinton’s step. She is more than capable of squashing her enemies in the same way she defends the people she loves.

By Simone Innamorati


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3 Responses to "Hillary Clinton Scorpio Superwoman"

  1. Rachel   April 3, 2015 at 12:03 pm

    She is a venomous scorpion. Bengazi attack, Clinton’s have their own server?- What!?-and of course scandal once again about the emails. Show me any signs of a fair-minded, balanced character, but all I see are red flags, she is a self serving, sorry excuse for a woman. I am a woman and I would never vote for her. But how appropriate that she sits in seat of power.- What do you think?

  2. lamadamadingdong   June 7, 2014 at 8:42 pm

    there is a much more qualified scorpio woman that comes to mind….

  3. Ed Swezey   February 22, 2014 at 1:51 am

    All these questions about HRC’s motivations and drive are better answered by looking at her Methodist faith rather than her astrological sign. She once said that a person’s foremost quality is forgiveness, and that the easiest thing to forgive was stupidity. That comes straight from her Methodism.

    Her reactions to WJC’s other women? She could be vindictive toward the women, but her first reaction was to forgive her husband’s stupidity and take some of the blame herself. Her husband, his career and legacy, were paramount to her and the women just didn’t matter. They were people she could forget very easily, as most of the country has. Kathleen Willey is showing up long after the “event” and nobody cares about her. Poor woman…


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