Ukraine Peace on the Horizon After All-Night Crisis Meeting


Peace might finally be on the horizon for the Ukraine after an all night crisis meeting with visiting EU foreign affairs ministers present. Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich said a deal had been reached with the opposition, but France remains skeptic and urges caution.

French foreign minister Laurent Fabius, who’s involved in the mediation attempt in the Ukraine, is said to have stated that the opposition would now need to consult with some of its members. He then further stated that in these matters, until it’s fully wrapped up, it’s better to be cautious.

The country has been stormed by riots this week and at least 75 deaths and hundreds of injuries have been reported. Voices and rumors are out, speaking of possible elections in December, but again, the French minister urges caution. As of now, an all-night crisis meeting was held in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, and peace might finally be on the horizon.

By Halldor Fannar Sigurgeirsson



Sky News