Hillary Clinton Supports Obama in Iran Sanction Debate

hillary clintonHillary Clinton, former US Secretary of State, is in full support of Obama’s plan to continue negotiations over Iran’s nuclear development instead of using sanctions.  US Congress has been debating the idea of sanctions against Iran and Obama feels that is a step in the wrong direction, Clinton agrees with that the current negotiations should continue.

Clinton and Obama both feel that imposing any new sanctions on Iran may drive them away from the negotiating table and that Congress should hold off on the debate while the current talks take place. Many feel this is a delicate situation and any misstep could lead to a place no one wants to be; war with Iran.

In January, Clinton wrote a letter in response to Democrat senator Carl Levin’s plea for guidance. In the letter Clinton made it clear that she supports Obama’s stance on the Iran sanction debate and that the current sanctions are responsible for “driving Tehran to the negotiating table.” She also said now that current negotiations are under way “we should do everything we can” to see if a final solution can be achieved and as President Obama stated “We must give diplomacy a chance.”

Iran has said they are serious about the negotiations and are willing to let diplomacy have that chance. Clinton does believe that Iran is and remains a “sponsor of terrorism” and is a threat not only to national security but global security as well. In the letter to Levin she said we must remain “vigilant” in defense of our allies, including Israel. She also stated that if the current negotiations did indeed fail that there would be time enough later to impose stronger sanctions on Iran.

Current Secretary of State John Kerry is hoping that the current talks with Iran’s new government will prove fruitful and that the need for stronger sanctions or military involvement will not be necessary.  Obama made it clear in his State of the Union address that he will veto any new sanctions against Iran until the current negotiations have proven to fail.

Clinton does not want to see the US isolated from ally support and that if the US did indeed impose tougher sanctions on Iran the possibility of losing that support is very real. The global community is strongly committed to giving Iran a diplomatic chance and if the US does not follow suit it may find itself alone in a war with Iran. Even the US intelligence community thinks that imposing new sanctions would undermine the current negotiations and would more than likely drive Iran away from the table. In the letter to Levin, Clinton stated that she “shared that view.”

Iran has always stated that its nuclear program is being researched for power and medical purposes only and that its current uranium enrichment program is well below what it would take to build an actual bomb. To prove this, Iran has stated it would be willing to allow more international inspections.

Hillary Clinton, like Obama, supports the need for ongoing diplomacy with the new Iranian government and that the tougher sanctions congress is currently debating would more than likely only push Iran away from the table and isolate America from the global community.

By Adam Stier

ABC News

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  1. Ajax Lessome   February 12, 2014 at 5:54 pm

    Just why are an overwhelming number of Democratic and Republican senators willing to push for more sanctions? Let’s see, Rouhani tweets out Iran has fooled the West on the deal; Iran hasn’t released one political prisoner or halted any more public hangings; Iran continues to fight in Syria and support Hezbollah; and wait, it added more hardliners to its negotiating team! Come on people, it’s a government who’s constitution grants supreme veto powers to the religious head! That’s like having the President answer to the Pope, in this case, the Pope wants nukes. If Iran makes no concrete and overt act to demonstrate it has changed its tune, then why all of the sudden the rush to embrace Rouhani simply because he smiles and has a Twitter account (a social media service by the way that ordinary Iranians are BANNED from using!)?


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