The Amazing Pathans


Below are ten typical character traits of the amazing race called Pathans. Pathans are a race that inhabits Afghanistan, north-western Khyber Pakhtunkhawa (KP), the wild west of Pakistan, the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).They speak Phusto language, therefore, they are called Pathans. The Pathans are proud of their language and homeland. The most famous Pathans today are the Taliban. 

First,  historians trace the lineage of Pathans to the Greeks. According to them, Pathans came to these regions with Alexander the great’s army. The facial features of a typical Pathan male, specifically eyes, lend credence to this historic assumption, though, no genetic research has been undertaken in this regard.

Two, majority of Pathans historians are of the confirmed view that they are the lost tribe of the Jews. A character trait that lends credence to this fact is the Pathan’s love for money.  Remember, the character of Shylock in Shakespeare’s famous play, The Merchant of Venice. In fact it is sad about the Pathans that give them enough money and they will undertake any venture, however incredulous. This is why when the Americans gave them dollars they took on the mighty U.S.S.R., a super-power back then, and most incredibly defeated them, fair and square, in battle. In fact, it was by this defeat at the hands of the Pathans, that the seeds of disintegration of the great empire were sown.

Three, Pathans live by a code. This code or covenant is called Pakhtunwali. According to this code of life, of sorts, a Pathan is a member of the Pushtun community fist and foremost and anything or anyone after that. This implies that a Pathan is a Pushtun  first then he is an Afghan/Pakistani and after that a Muslim, so on and so forth.

Four, as the Pathans live in the tough terrain of the Hindu Kush and the barren desert of southern Afghanistan, they are very tough and hardy. Their endurance capabilities and adaptability to any hostile climate, terrain and social set-up is phenomenal. 

Five, the amazing Pathans are fiercely courageous, sometimes even to the extent of being foolishly so, but this is their mental make-up. Once a Pathan becomes your enemy he is so for generations. In Pathans communities a male child is taught to shoot first even before he learns to speak.  

Six, Pathans are very hospitable people. They are the greatest of friends. A Pushtun will not think for a second before sacrificing his life or killing someone for a friend in danger

Seven, they are great hosts. There are incidents that in order to please their guests and to keep them happy they would go to any extent. Their are recorded stories in their folklore of a Pathans presenting his wives to guests. When the Americans asked the Taliban to hand over Osama Bin Laden, they refused. They risked losing their rule and actually did for a guest.

Eight, Pathans like their Greek ancestors, are great overs of  ephebes. They prefer male companionship than female. Homo-sexuality is a normal way of life in Pushtun societies.

Nine, Pathans are very handsome, enterprising and creative people. This can be gauged from the fact that the biggest movie making industry in the world, Bollywood, is dominated by Khans.

Ten, Pathans love their homeland and don’t like outside interference. Though they live all over the world, they consider Afghanistan and north-west Pakistan, their undisputed homeland. Fiercely independent, no one has ever been able to rule them peacefully or for long. They inflicted humiliating defeats on the British colonial masters, who wanted to reign them in the late 1800’s.  In 1980’s they defeated the Soviets and in the present times the Americans have suffered irreparable losses in men and money but have not been able to completely and decisively defeat the amazing Pathans.

By Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada


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