HTC Best Android Smartphone or Doomed to Fail?

HTC Android SmartphoneIs the Tiwanese Android phonemaker HTC the best smartphone on its platform, or are they doomed to fail? Highly praised by users, their faithful fans say the company not only knows how to build excellent smartphones but goes above and beyond industry standards in unique ways. For example, the company’s new program called “HTC Advantage” offers a one-time screen replacement for six months and guarantees two years worth of Android updates. With this new program the company hopes to reaffirm their stance as the most consumer-friendly smartphone provider, wrapping up their already impressive list of consumer benefits into one tidy package.

HTC is already known for pushing the boundaries of design and technology. Their unique, people-centered approach leads to a personalized experience that consumers around the globe acknowledge and appreciate. Already proactive about user satisfaction by taking screen shots from your phone directly to trouble-shooting tech in their company, the new Advantage program is unique in the industry as no other company currently offers a cracked-screen guarantee, which is estimated to cost $70 in parts alone.

HTC Android Smartphone
Their elegant and durable aluminum body was a key selling point

To fans dismay however, HTC has swapped their stunning and durable aluminum construction for a plastic design in their newest smartphone, set to release next month. The Desire 8 will feature a polycarbonate body which is rumored to come in white, red, yellow, orange, and cyan. Its aluminum body, along with its intuitive user interface, were key selling points for the brand. After suffering recent financial setbacks due to patent litigation and a failed marketing push, is HTC doomed to fail in the smartphone market, or can they still prove themselves as the best Android buy with guarantees after trading build quality for flashy colors?

On the up side, their new Ultrapixel cameras are a little mind-blowing. It seem like just yesterday everyone was raving about phones with 13 MP cameras that could take poster-quality photos, then came phones with professional quality cameras over 18 MP. Now HTC has raised the bar yet again with an Ultrapixel camera that goes beyond what most smartphone users ever imagined possible and takes crystalline photos, even in low light.

The company also has plans to launch a new device, a quad-core tablet named Vertex. Though the full specs have not yet been released, they promise to impress consumers in the mid-range tablet market with unique and innovative features for an affordable price. Speculations as to what those features could be include the addition of smart pens or a stylus.

While critics are calling the new Desire 8 a redesigned, cheaper HTC One, impressive features like the new front and rear cameras and stereo speakers speak otherwise. The company themselves admit they do not know marketing, but spend all their budget on developing quality products. If this is true, they can count on plenty of free advertising from techie reviews and their faithful fans. If it was beginning to look like HTC was doomed to fail with falling market value, their upcoming product releases have the potential to seal their fate or prove they produce the best Android smartphone.

By Mimi Mudd

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