J.K. Rowling Rethinks Her Own Ideas


Fans of the bestselling book franchise Harry Potter might be in for a surprise as author J.K Rowling rethinks her own ideas and plot development. Rowling revealed that she was not entirely content with the outcome of the story and felt that it could have ended differently. Now for all the fans out there she wasn’t talking about the final duel between Harry and Voldemort. She is more worried about matters of the heart.

Rowling took the literary world by storm in 1997 when her first book Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published. Over the course of 7 books she amassed a huge fan following of die-hard fans. Her books received several awards receiving commercial success and critical acclaim. Praised for the fantasy universe the books created, readers where hooked to the series from the very first book. Not only was her series developed into a film adaptation, those films went onto set several records of their own.  The wonderful universe Rowling created was not the only aspect of the series that enchanted the readers. The Harry Potter books also had a rich variety of characters with interesting personalities and fascinating and often mysterious backgrounds. Just to name a few apart from the main protagonists, these included Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Draco Malfoy and so on. Readers and fans alike considered it a flawless masterpiece where all the pieces fell into place. Rowling still feels the need to rethink her ideas as they could have been better written even though she would be more than pleased with the reaction her books received.

Moving on to the chemistry these characters had with each other. Harry, Ron and Hermoine had been friends since the start of the series. Though not always close they bonded gradually as the series progressed and they spent time together. Harry and Hermoine remained close friends but Ron and Hermoine developed a sort of affection for one another. Towards the end of the book it is even revealed that they ended up getting married and started a family of their own. While this was how the Harry Potter series truly ended, Rowling revealed that looking back she feels pairing Ron and Hermoine was not the most logical decision. According to her the pair was formed due to personal reasons and so lacked credibility. She went on to state that for the sake of literature the pair of Harry and Hermoine would have made much more sense. According to her Harry and Hermoine were a better fit as they shared a similar background, shared the same personality and had a lot more in common. Ron and Hermoine’s relationship on the other hand would have required counseling to work, ouch.  Now as the fans who have come to accept the Potter universe as it is might be a bit surprised and even frustrated. Rowling acknowledges how her fans might react but felt that she had to be honest.

Rowling’s new perspective might not bring about such a sudden change as the image of Harry and Hermoine just being good friends has been drilled into the mind of those who have come to enjoy the books. This might not be the first time Rowling has considered rethinking her ideas and thought of changing the plot. She once revealed that midway through the series she intended to kill off one of the main character which was none other than Ron. Almost getting killed off and being doubted whether he should get the girl, it seems Ron barely dodged a few bullets there.

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