Jennifer Lopez a Bad Girl?

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez is finally letting the world see her bad girl side in the upcoming series Shades of Blue. Many of her fans are familiar with her portraying strong, positive “good girl” roles in such films as Selena, Enough, Monster-In-Law, Maid In Manhattan, The Wedding Planner, and the list continues. The multi talented singer, actress, dancer, and business mogul has partnered with creative genius Ryan Seacrest for a 13 episode series on NBC. Ryan Seacrest, having worked with Lopez on the long running hit American Idol, recognizes her star power. Many would say this is a powerful partnership with guaranteed success.

Growing up in the Bronx of New York, much of the public would think portraying a tough woman would not be much of a stress for the actress. The role of Harlee McCord, to be played by Lopez, is a single mother working for the FBI anti-corruption. According to Rolling Stone, the role is of a dirty cop working undercover. Many would say it will possibly be refreshing to see the starlet display some grit and dirt as she is always poised, gracious, and humble. Lopez seldom ever receives bad press for misbehaving like fellow performers Madonna, Mariah Carey, Miley Cyrus, and etc. The closest Lopez fans have come to witnessing the actress in trouble was the unfortunate shooting in a New York nightclub back in 1998 with then boyfriend Sean “P. Diddy” Combs. But even in that situation, Jennifer walked out of the police station clean and innocent. Lopez should be able to relate to the role as she is a single mother of two children in real life and has sustained a long career in the corrupt world of the music industry and Hollywood.

Shades of Blue is scheduled to begin production in 2015. Many of Lopez’s fans celebrate her ever-growing resume of accomplishments. This fiery woman from the Bronx never stops. Jennifer Lopez’s first debut on television was as a Fly Girl (professional dancer) on the hit comedy series In Living Color in 1992. According to Us Weekly, actress Rosie Perez allegedly received a dose of the bad girl side of Jennifer on the set of In Living Color claiming Jennifer pounded her chest self proclaiming she was better than all of the other Fly Girls. Lopez has reportedly spoken of her experience behind the scenes on the set of In Living Color and how she was picked on for her weight and alienated from the other dancers. Jennifer reportedly got through the alleged mistreatment by Perez and the other dancers by focusing on her craft and going on auditions. And judging from the levels of success achieved by Jennifer Lopez compared to Rosie Perez or any of the Fly Girls (names unknown), the underdog won.

Reported in the New York Daily News, Lopez’s last attempt at a television series was back in 1994 on a show called Second Chances. The series was canceled. Jennifer did not let that stop her. Her big break came when she landed the leading role in the hit movie Selena portraying the late great Tijuana music star. From there, Jennifer Lopez became a household name. Many of Lopez’s fans around the world are excited about the upcoming new television series Shades of Blue. Jennifer Lopez represents more than a celebrity status to many around the world. She is strength, tenacity, business savvy, style, and grace all rolled up in one. And by many people’s standards, this makes for a bad woman.

Editorial by Meleika Gardner

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