Justin Bieber Antics ‘All Around the World’

Justin Bieber

It seems that Justin Bieber is using one of his song titles as a mantra for displaying his crazy antics All Around The World.  In October 2011 Bieber was issued a warning after cutting off a patrol car and everything went down hill from there.

In May 2012, he had and incident with a photographer while outside a mall with then girlfriend, Selena Gomez.  The photographer stated to police that Bieber punched and kicked him though no charges were laid.  Just two months later, he was caught reckless driving with an expired registration and issued a ticket.

Then came his concert scandals where, in Dubai, the singer arrived two hours late for his concert and then collapsed onstage while in London.

It was when he visited the home of Anne Frank in Amsterdam that the world started to take notice that Justin Bieber was appearing in the news not for his success but for his crazy and questionable antics.  There he was quoted in saying, “Truly inspiring to come here.  Anne was a great girl.  Hopefully she would have been a Belieber.”  Not too many people appreciated that comment.  In the same month pot and a taser gun were found on his tour bus by Swedish authorities and luckily for Justin, no charges were pressed there due to the fact that no one was on the bus the time of the actual search.

Then in May 2013 his Confident level must have dropped severely when he was booed onstage while accepting The Billboard Music Awards Milestone Award.

In July a tape surfaced showing the Biebs peeing in a bucket in a New York City restaurant and also defaced a picture of Bill Clinton.  There was the cold incident where he abandoned his pet monkey in Germany due to not having the proper papers or permission.  The year 2013 was proving to be a hard one for him indeed.  He threatened to kill his neighbour and allegedly spat in his face simply because the neighbor did not appreciate Justin speeding at 100 MPH on a residential street.

He had three incidents of vandalizing property with spray paint in Colombia, Brazil and Australia.  Alongside all the complaints and wild parties and 911 calls Justin then gets all over the news again for allegedly egging his neighbour’s house.  And then just when you think this out of control kid is coasting on top of the law, he falls.

Bieber will be deposed and questioned in Miami concerning an incident where he allegedly told his bodyguard to attack a photographer.  Miami Judge Sarah Zabel doesn’t seem to be backing down denying Biebers request to not release the videotape of his deposition.

Also, in Miami Beach, the singer was arrested for DUI, resisting arrest and driving without a valid drivers license.  All charges he has pleaded not guilty (surprise, surprise) and is awaiting a date for trial.

Don’t forget the charges he has against him in Canada as well.  In Dec. 2013 a limousine driver claimed he was assaulted by the singer while driving him and his entourage from a nightclub to a hotel.  Bieber voluntarily showed up in Toronto to face the music where he was charged with assault and is scheduled to appear in court March 10.

So it seems that the young singer is finally listening to someone’s words of wisdom as he realizes that there are actual consequences to ones actions.  But is it going to be enough for the Biebs to regain his popularity?  Right now there is a petition to have Justin Bieber deported with a whopping 175,000 signatures and counting.  A far cry from the number of signatures on the petition to keep him in the country which stands at 2,861.

From taking the world by storm , the singer seems to be causing a whole different kind of storm now.  A firestorm of bad press, scandals, arrests, and antics that follow Justin Bieber anywhere in the world he goes.  All That Matters to this singer now should be how to get out of this mess.

Editorial By Derik L. Bradshaw

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