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Justin Bieber is living in Bieberland where only Bieber laws and rules apply.  Recently, there is no escaping the Justin Bieber saga. The young teen is reported as spiraling out of control every other millisecond.  As the petition to boot Bieber back into Canada continues to gobble numbers, his Beliebers stand their ground. For every one individual that despises Bieber’s current behavior, he seems to have 20 that justify it.  The successful pop star’s most recent run in with the law has sparked mass debate.  The illicit behavior he rendered in Miami cost him several hours of freedom.

Several hours of freedom?  How is it possible to walk out of jail within hours having committed multiple dangerous acts simultaneously?  Drag racing, under age drinking, driving while under influence of alcohol, consumption of marijuana, resisting arrest, and driving without a valid license, not to mention ingesting Xanax.  Bieber’s charges read driving without a license, DUI, and resisting arrest.  This can only be explained by the Bieber law.  The Justin Bieber law is defined as committing brainsick acts and answering to minimal penalties.  The destructive acts Bieber has committed in the last several months is what has prompted the deportation petition.  Though questionable, the severity of his actions does not deserve deportation.  The volume of signatures the petition earned has catapulted the petition to the second most popular in White House history.

The abundance in signatures can be attributed to the entitlement of celebrity.  Miami chose to pursue a minimum amount of charges amongst the plethora of charges he earned.  Even the preliminary toxicology results were delivered at extreme rates of speed.  The Bieber law applies here “this information will be needed pronto…ASAP is not quick enough.”  According to TMZ, prosecutors have now traveled to the lengths of having the DUI and resisting arrest charges dropped if the Biebs agrees with their stipulations.  The prosecution has offered the following preconditions: plead no contest to reckless driving, complete 40 hours of community service, attend an alcohol education case, install an ignition interlock device for three months, and attend a victim impact panel.  In addition, the wild pop star must submit to random drug testing for the next six to nine months.  In accordance with the random drug testing, he must submit a travel itinerary by which courts and authorities will set up random drug testing at his own expense.  According to the Bieber law, this last piece may sound a bit harsh.

Evaluate the situation as it pertains to the average law breaker.  The average law breaker would not have the luxury of continuing their line of work if it interfered with stipulations of the plea.  In very rare cases it may take place, but this is for individuals that have built rules similar to the Bieber law.  Sadness incorporates itself by having such an unjust justice system.  The justice system when pertaining to any entertainment superstar is absolutely unambiguous.  The sentencing is not equal no matter how the laws are sliced.  There is no debate; preferential treatment exists in the justice system especially when dealing with the Justin Bieber law.

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    OMG old news – why isn’t there an article about the new stuff revolving around this kid. like I just saw these hilarious coffee mugs with his mugshot at www.mugshotmugz.com

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