Liam Neeson Struggles With Wife Natasha Richardson’s Death [Video]


Although five years have passed since the tragic incident on the slopes of Quebec’s Mont Tremblant resort which claimed Natasha Richardson’s life, Liam Neeson still struggles with his wife’s death. However, he offered the first interview after her demise, in which he told CBS’s Anderson Cooper how life without his companion is void and, to a certain extent, inconceivable. The actor told the host of 60 Minutes that, by the time he rushed to the Canadian hospital, doctors had already declared her brain-dead, which made the actor determined to spare his wife a vegetative life.

A minor fall during a ski lesson derailed and caused the death of Liam Neeson’s wife, Natasha Richardson, shortly after an apparently benign head injury while Neeson was in Toronto filming Chloe; in the 60 Minutes interview broadcasted Sunday, it became clear that he still struggles with her demise.

“[Her death] was never real,” the actor told Cooper. “It still kind of isn’t.”

Neeson recalled rushing to a Canadian hospital, where his wife was declared brain-dead from swelling of the brain caused by the minor fall. He reminded her that he loved her, then he told Richardson that she hit her head and she was not going to recover. Seeing her on life support and reminiscing about the pact they made that neither of them would he held in a vegetative state, should anything happen, he decided to pull the plug on her. Neeson brought his wife to New York so that family and close friends could say their goodbyes and then let her go.

The actor confessed to Cooper that he still struggles with his wife Natasha Richardson’s death and he is still startled whenever the door of their New York residence opens, hoping that he is “going to hear her.”

Although Richardson died in an apparently trivial accident, Neeson unveiled the fact that he chose to donate her heart, liver and kidneys and told Cooper that she would probably “be very thrilled and pleased by that.”

However, the pain still lingers and the actor admitted during the interview that the grieving process resembles a wave which hit him and took away his stability.

“The Earth isn’t stable anymore and then it passes and it becomes more infrequent,” Neeson said of the pain he felt for years.

Although Esquire tried to ask the actor about his wife’s death back in 2011, the questions were blocked by an emotional wave that put a barrier between the actor and the journalist.

“I’m too vulnerable, Tom,” the artist said. “I can’t go there.”

Fast forward five years, and Neeson is now ready to talk about the death of his wife, Natasha Richardson, but he still struggles with the accident and the string of events which didn’t allow him to grasp what had happened. The interview broadcasted Sunday unveiled a grieving actor who has not recovered from his spouse’s sudden demise. Neeson currently stars in Non-Stop, an action thriller which premieres next week, but the 61-year-old actor told Cooper that fighting scenes are no longer suitable for his age.

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