Justin Bieber Rejects DUI Plea Deal

Justin BieberJustin Bieber is likely to reject a plea deal over his Miami DUI arrest. The issue is the random drug testing that the Canadian singer will be forced to accept if he opts for it.

Like the majority of first-time DUI offenders, the prosecution offered a plea deal to the singer. The first two parts are extremely common: community service and attending an education course about alcohol. It is the final part that is causing the problem. According to TMZ, the deal involves random drugs testing, which would mean Bieber will never know when he is going to be tested again. He could never smoke his pot or take his sizzurp again.

However, that is not the only reason for his attorneys to recommend that he does not take the deal. There are parts of the case that the defense does not believe will stand up in court.

Part of the arresting officer’s statement was that the Boyfriend singer reeked of booze. When he took the detector test, there was an alcohol limit of 0.014. There are also questions over the speed that he was doing at the time of the arrest. The policeman said that he had seen the teen celebrity drag racing, but the GPS registered 27 MPH, which was less than the speed limit in the residential area. However, one CCTV video shows him doing around 50 MPH on the street.

There are also thoughts from TMZ that Bieber will reject the DUI plea deal over the ed course. The singer will not want to become a spectacle on it, which is likely to happen. However, he is open to some sort of plea deal if the prosecutors come up with the right one.

The biggest fear for the 19-year-old is breaking probation, which has happened to the likes of Chris Brown and Lindsay Lohan. Lohan was in and out of court for breaking probation for a seven year period, and Bieber will not want that to happen to himself. It seems better to face the possible jail sentence that prosecutors warn could happen.

Another issue is the fact that the drug testing fees will be up to him to pay. Along with that, he’ll have to submit all his travel plans, while listening to all the sorrowful stories from families who have suffered losses due to drink driving.

The only thing that will end up on Bieber’s record is the resisting arrest charge. He will have to plead no contest to it if he accepts the deal. The trial date was supposed to start on March 3, but William Altfield, judge for Miami-Dade County, has chosen to postpone it until further notice.

At the moment, Altfield is looking over the 10 hours of footage, part of which shows the singer urinating. There are differing opinions over whether the surveillance should be shared with the public, which will need to be blacked out as it shows the 19-year-old’s genitalia. The decision for this should be made by March 4, then the date of the trial may be set should Bieber choose to reject the plea deal offered to him for his DUI charge.

By Alexandria Ingham



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2 Responses to "Justin Bieber Rejects DUI Plea Deal"

  1. NotafanofJustinbieber   March 5, 2014 at 8:59 am

    He wants to see if they change their mind His lawyer so go to the police station hand all their evedince in and the video he not driving 50 mph the SUV on the side of him is keeping up. That his security team the police officer was driving 50 mph trying to catch up with him. But he wasn’t. I got this from real time camara not a speed up verson one like the police wants people to believe. TMZ got the real time verson and it a lot better. Plus you forgot to mention the Officer 15 misconduct reports on him. He had 2 writen up and 3 verbal warnings. I think he going to get off now I can seem him paying a find. But I will remind you guys the Prosecution has seen Justin’s lawyers evedince yet and that could flip them the other way a said You know what I think we are going have to make a deal because are law enforcement screwed the h#ll up.

    Yeah the Prosecutor hasn’t see Justin Lawyer evedince and they have to make sure that officer comes in to be on the witnesses stand if he not in it will get dismissed. Their waiting to see if the officer to see if he going to tell the same story in court as he did on the report if a little thing off Just a little bit that could be the reasonable doubt.

    Remember the Prosecutor has to prove the stop was a lawful and legal stop.

  2. ashley m   February 24, 2014 at 2:42 pm

    let him try to around his life

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