Things Alec Baldwin Might Do Other Than Move to LA to Continue Acting

Alec BaldwinAlec Baldwin, in a New York Magazine essay titled “I Give Up,” says that he has found himself “bitter, defensive, and more misanthropic” than he cares to admit. He is giving up on both public life and New York City. It remains unclear how moving to Los Angeles and continuing to act will play into “giving up on public life.” In his essay, he states that “there’s been a shift in my life,” and that it has caused him to step back and say, and the emphasis here is his, that “this is happening for a reason.” Yes, it certainly seems there has been a shift. Indeed, it is happening for a reason. Why not run with that, Alex? It is entirely possible that the reason you speak of may be that you are meant, at least for a while, to leave showbiz altogether. But there are many things, so very many things, that you can do that are better by far than moving to L.A. and acting in movies.

Here is just a smattering of the nearly infinite possibilities open to you, Alec Baldwin:

Move to North Dakota, which is apparently the happiest place in the U.S. right now, and open a yoga studio with Hilaria. When you are not in the studio, you can enjoy your natural surroundings. Do you like to fish? North Dakota is known for its lakes and rivers that teem with game fish. Or maybe help care for (or even found) a wildlife refuge. There are more wildlife refuges in North Dakota than in any other state.

Build a compound a la Mel Gibson in North Dakota, or actually anywhere in the world. Run a podcast from there. It may have to be an internet podcast instead of a television podcast like you had previously envisioned, but you can still have that theme of appreciation and interview people such as Debra Winger, Ellen Barkin, Neal Barnard, and Mark Lane.

Design a line of Shia LaBeouf-inspired bags that celebrities (as well as their loved ones) can wear over their heads to avoid the predatory photographers and paparazzi that have so vexed you of late. Speaking of Shia LaBeouf, what about coming up with your own art installation along the lines of LaBeouf’s #IAMSORRY? I know at this time his name may evoke some unpleasant memories for you, but lately he seems to be coming up with applicable ideas.

What about moving to Arizona and becoming an LGBT advocate? Perhaps you could get Governor Jan Brewer to overturn SB 1062 there, the bill that allows business owners to deny service to gay and lesbian customers based on their religious beliefs. While you are at it, why not form your own, as you call it, Gay Department of Justice? It is quite an interesting idea, and a great title for a comic book series. As a voiceover actor for one of the characters, you would be perfect.

But that would still be acting in some capacity. The Alec Baldwin website says that one of your hobbies is boxing. Las Vegas is the world capital for boxing matches. If you moved there, you could attend all the great fights and even become involved in the sport. Have you ever considered becoming a boxing promoter, Mr. Baldwin?

Being a movie actor in Los Angeles really pales in comparison when one thinks about what one can do given the resources, which you, Alec Baldwin, certainly have. And truly, Los Angeles will always be there for you. You will always be able to get a role in a movie. Everyone knows that. What is the rush? Maybe it is time to shift your focus, if only temporarily.

By Donna Westlund


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