Justin Bieber Selena Gomez and the STD?

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez and the STD?

While the most current news about Justin Bieber claims the pop star killed a 7 year-old child, there is a very interesting tale about Bieber, Selena Gomez and a sexually transmitted disease (STD). The matter of Bieber versus a young child, who lost in the encounter, has turned out to be a hoax started after the 19 year-old singer was arrested for DUI in Miami, Florida at the beginning of 2014. The case of the deceased child popped up on Facebook as yet another FB scam which states that Bieber has “done it again” and that this time “its over” for the performer. In this case the scam appears to be set up as a possible phishing operation enables another company to get personal information from those who share the story to their friends on the social network. The Selena Gomez story appears to be less of a sharing hoax and seems to be about sharing of an altogether different sort.

According to Life & Style, which is a celeb gossip magazine, Bieber’s former girlfriend was convinced that he had given her an STD. It seems that not only was the 21 year-old singer and actress positive that the Baby singer had been messing around in someone else’s bed, but, that Bieber had brought something back that was a little bit worse than lipstick on his collar or reeking of a female fan’s perfume. An insider stated that the Come and Get It singer had been suffering from anxiety issues before her paranoia about getting something from Bieber that he’d picked up during a sleazy one-night tryst.

In fact Selena was so sure that her weed smoking; sizzurp drinking; brothel babe collecting lover had given her a very nasty infection that she went down to get tested. It appears that over and above the Disney girls own anxiety, her realization that Bieber was playing away, created even more issues. If Bieber was playing away Selena did not spend too much time contemplating what to do about it. In January this year, after the egg throwing incident at Justin’s Calabasas, California home, Gomez bailed on Bieber and checked herself into a treatment center in Arizona called The Meadows.

This Wickenburg, Arizona rehab clinic specializes in dealing with young people’s trauma as well as any substance misuse or addiction issues. Gomez’ rep spoke to the press and revealed that Selena was not in The Meadows for substance issues at all. According to the Gomez camp, the former Barney and Friends performer recognized that she needed help to get Bieber out of her hair once and for all. When Bieber’s house was searched for any egg related evidence, it was reported that the Canadian heartthrob had saved texts on his cell phone from Selena and from him to the singer. These alleged texts were recriminatory from her and tacky/degrading from him. It was also reported that Bieber had taken a “selfie” of his erect penis and sent it to his former girlfriend with the caption, “don’t tell me you don’t miss this,” or words to that effect.

Apparently, since Selena Gomez is that little bit older than Justin Bieber, she feels all motherly towards him, despite his naked penis pictures and even though they are no longer “romantically” involved she wishes him the best. Of course this sordid love affair does not have a happy ending. While it has been reported that Selena was checked for the unnamed STD, it has not been reported whether or not the test was positive or clear. Granted, if her tests had come back with the disturbing news that Justin had passed a little something on, the tone of these articles would be that little bit different. Either way, be sure to send some much needed support towards Ms Gomez. After all, just thinking that your lover has not only been unfaithful but has also, possibly, given you a sexually transmitted disease must be stressful enough to raise the existent anxiety level up a notch or two.

By Michael Smith



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