Kanye West Can Be Well Behaved

Kanye West Can Be Well BehavedKanye West can be well behaved, as long as he has good lighting and positive feedback. The 36 year old creative rapper has been prone to rants and punching the paparazzi at times, but he appears to have a soft side. As a featured guest on the second night of Late Night with Seth Myers, West was chummy and pleasant. He actually seemed to enjoy just chatting and hanging out with Myers, as it was not their first time meeting.

West and Myers had worked together in the past on Saturday Night Live, so the ice was already broken. Still getting over his own new kid on the block jitters, Myers asked the right questions and gave West plenty of time to express himself. If West can talk about himself and his ongoing projects, such as his A.P.C. x Kanye Collection, he is happy. Hiding the behind the mask, which happens to be encrusted with crystals, West is a showman and not to be perceived as someone confined to a box. The use of the mask in his concerts allows him to freely express himself without judgment and as he stated become a new artist for the audience.

Kanye West Can Be Well BehavedWest did not don the mask for his musical medley on Late Night, but his gold and diamond lower choppers were still shining through. The rapper sports permanent jeweled teeth and lives up to putting his money where his mouth is. West is not shy about his own creative juices, as he loves to talk about his new projects from music to the fashion world.

Playing by the rules is not an easy choice for the sometimes moody, eccentric artist, as he has too much energy to sit still and be dictated to. His ideas may have been inspired, but the attachment he forms in his own mind cause them to evolve into his own. West is accused of ripping off designs from other fashion icons such as Rick Owens, the creator of the DRKSHDW line, but he has denied any misdoing. West is currently in talks with Adidas as he works on developing his own line of shoes. He also has ideas brewing for a hip-hop clothing line for cool guys and curvy gals.

Much like his famous flame, Kim Kardashian, curves are what West sings about, not the paper thin waifs that walk the runway. West does things in a big way from his proposal to Kardashian, to his tours and concerts, to his creativity in the fashion world.  He is an artist on a mission to break down walls and change the world from his point of view. Becoming the proud papa of baby North, daughter with Kardashian, has calmed West down a bit as his behavior can be reasonable in the right setting.

Not allowing others to determine what he can do in his creative world, West ignores the skeptics such as Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton when it comes to fashion rules.  Being that his net worth is reported as hovering around $100 million, West will most likely pay for any mistakes he might make. Taking the chance to achieve his goals as an artist in any medium, seems to be what gives West the stamina to tackle various projects.

The ambitious musician and creative artist may not be a number one choice for all music lovers, but he does have the drive and will to succeed. Offensive to many with the vulgar language he uses freely in his raps and music, it is the way he expresses himself outside the box. While he may reserve some children’s songs for North in private, his style for his music and businesses will not be rated G. Although his special little girl has given him a new focus, his basic nature and style will most likely stay the same.

The constant personality of being driven and wanting more is a dominant trait of creative artists. Left alone to do their own thing can bring good behavior and interesting results. West showed his human side a bit more with his appearance on Late Night, as he spoke with humor and hope for the future. A positive spirit seemed to shine through his sparkling smile. Then again, it could have just been the way the TV lights caught the reflection of his diamond and gold teeth.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon


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