Katy Perry Delivers Baby and Splits From John Mayer

Katy PerryKaty Perry can add the ability to deliver a baby to her resume, but has also split up from boyfriend John Mayer.

The I Kissed a Girl singer posted on Twitter last night that it was a “miracle of the day” and then finished with “Auntie Katy.” That doesn’t mean the baby was her sister’s, but Angela Hudson was expecting a baby. In October 2013, photos of Hudson were taken but there was never a confirmation of due date. It has led to suspicions that the baby is her niece or nephew.

The news came shortly after rumors started spreading that the singer had split up with her boyfriend. The two have been in a rocky relationship for the last 18 months, but New York Daily News reports that they have ended it on amicable terms. Part of the reason for the split is the upcoming Perry tour.

The 29-year-old pop singer is currently preparing for her world tour, which starts in May and continues until November, where she will be in Brisbane, Australia on November 27. It was always unlikely that Mayer would join her because he has his own tour between May and July. However, the time apart was not likely the reason for splitting. Organizing the tour has been an extremely stressful time for the Fireworks singer.

The split with Mayer happened shortly before Perry delivered the baby in the living room. The baby was likely a positive distraction for the singer, who has reportedly been arguing with her boyfriend for some time. New York Daily News shared that the two had decided to act maturely by deciding that the relationship was not working out.

It will come to a shock for some. The Sydney Morning Herald reported just yesterday that Perry was spotted with an engagement ring on her finger, and she could be a married woman by the time she gets to the country. There were a number of rumors surrounding the possible wedding, including that the singer had asked her father, who is a pastor, to officiate over the ceremony.

This would have been Perry’s second marriage. She divorced from her first husband, Russell Brand, in 2012, after their split in December 2011. Mayer and the 29-year-old singer announced that they were dating during the summer of the year of the divorce, but it started off rocky. They seemed to ease into it by March last year, but nothing has prepared them for the stress of the upcoming world tour.

E! Online reports that there have been a few signs recently that the relationship was in trouble. Mayer was not there during Perry’s trip to Milan or London. He also remained in New York, while she returned to her Los Angeles home. She may have needed the support from her man after the booing and jeering she received at the airport for her catwalk blunder. She had arrived late for her catwalk appearance in Milan, annoying a number of photographers in the audience.

However, the singer’s staff helped handle the situation. Perry is now enjoying the fact that she helped deliver a baby, just after her reported split from Mayer.

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