Kejriwal Makes the Right Choice


Arwind Kejriwal, in a true statesman like fashion makes the right choice by resigning as the Chief Minister of Delhi. He resigned when the AAP’s bill against corruption was blocked by the coalition partners Congress and the opposition BJP. For the time being it may well seem a set back for Kejriwal and his party but in the long run he has made sure that the common man will have his way against the corrupt Indian politicians and bureaucrats.

Congress suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of one year old AAP because of charges of corruption. Now by withdrawing its support not to make possible the passage of the anti-corruption bill, it has proved beyond any doubt that it is a party that supports the corrupt and their practices. BJP too has shown its real face by not supporting this bill. A bill which envisaged bringing the corrupt politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats to justice.

It is a fact of life that man never learns much from history. Only a few months back Congress lost its fifteen years stint in power in Delhi because of rampant corruption within its leadership. It was expected that by passing this bill in the state assembly the Congress would be able to restore some of its former prestige and ensure its vote bank that now it was on the right track. But by failing to do so they have shown to the Indian public their real manifesto. Any hope the Congress had of retaining power in the coming elections is all but lost.

BJP, also has lost a golden opportunity to prove to the common Indian that it is an anti-graft party as opposed to the Congress. Kejriwal. on the other hand has once again won. By resigning, he has made the right people friendly choice. This step of his will go a long way in elevating his stature as a national politician.

AAP was only a regional party but this wise decision has surely turned it , as it is said, over night into a mainstream party. Before this step by Kejriwal  AAP was only a party in power in a state assembly, but now it has become a real third force in Indian politics. Before today Kejriwal was only a chief minister in one state in the union of India, after today he has become a real contender in the race for being the next prime minister of India. Whatever the detractors may believe in or say, Kejriwal and his AAP is now a force to be reckoned with in the Indian politics. This is not at all a good sign for Nanendra Modi of BJP or Rahul Gandhi of Congress. Both these parties by blocking this people friendly bill have certainly earned the ire of the common Indian. It won’t be a surprise that the common man votes AAP to power at the center, which surely be the last nail in the coffin of dynastic and communal politics in India.

Bravo, Kejriwal., by making the right choice he has proved to the common Indian that he and his party are their only friends and true benefactors.

Editorial by Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada


The Washington Post

The Christian Science Monitor