Ken Ham for Creation Versus Bill Nye for Evolution


Yet another debate of creation versus evolution unfolds as Ken Ham defends his views on creation against Bill Nye’s stance on evolution. The age-old question of where did everything come from has been asked and debated for centuries. The same question was brought up once again when Bill Nye went up against Ken Ham in a 2-hour-long debate where each of them sought to prove their opponent wrong.

The world everyone observes around them is a mysterious one. With so much happening there is not often much that can be understood. Most of what goes on remains a mystery, the causes of which are yet to be uncovered. The observable universe might be unfathomable to some degree; its creation is a mystery of its own.

Many theories have been put forward to understand how the universe was created, but they all fall into two basic groups. One group believes that the universe was created by a super being and that all that is seen or unseen is part of his creation. The second group rejects the prospect of there being a “god” and attempts to look at the matter through a scientific eye. Is the theory of creation a better justified solution or is evolution a more logical explanation? This is what everyone wants to know.

Many might have heard of Bill Nye, more famously known as Bill Nye the Science Guy. He is a science educator who is best known for hosting the TV series Bill Nye the Science Guy. Ken Ham on the other hand is an advocate of the literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis while also being a young-earth creationist. Both of them represented their individual schools of thought, and so it was Ken Ham for creation versus Bill Nye for evolution.

Presentation by both participants was equally praised. Nye was criticized for having a materialistic outlook on the entire topic which ultimately narrowed his perspective. He was however praised for sticking to scientific observations to prove his ideas. Ham, while praised by a few for his outlook and input, was criticized for not thoroughly backing up his claims and resting his claims on the fact it was mentioned in the Bible.

An immediate winner was not declared and it was left for viewers to decide as to what they felt believable. After the polling session Bill Nye was declared the winner by a huge margin. It was even reported that around 90 percent of the viewers voted in favor of Nye with the rest siding with Ham.

The debate might be over, but many are left wondering what purpose it actually served! Did it finally solve the age-old question? Did it finally prove once and for all who was right and who was wrong? Unfortunately all those questions remain unanswered and so the quest continues. While it proved that one idea might have a larger following than the other, it is yet to be seen if anyone actually reconsidered their views after witnessing the debate. Though the debate starring Ken Ham for creation versus Bill Nye for Evolution might have reached its conclusion, one thing is certain: the debate on creation versus evolution will no doubt continue for a long time to come.

Editorial by Hammad Ali