Kristin Smith: Clear Motives

Kristin Smith

Who can keep track of the multitude of prosthetically-formulated bellies that conclude with baby snatches? Kristin Smith is yet another nauseating Lifetime Network spec to add to the Rolodex of real-life characters destined to star on Snapped. According to MSN News, Smith, 31,  is a Denver native charged with the abduction of seven-day-old Kayden Powell and faces a possible life sentence. Kayden Powell is the infant who was abducted in Beloit, WI Thursday morning. CNN has reported that the baby was safely recovered at a BP gas station in West Branch, IO. Overwhelming elements to the case continue to pour into the abyss of media outlets. Sifting through this saturation, we can clearly strain out deception and isolate facts.

Early facts reported in the case are that Briana Marshall, 18, and Bruce Powell, 23, are the parents of Kayden Powell. Kristin Smith, 31,is said to be the aunt (Marshall’s half-sister). Smith traveled from Denver, CO to visit new parents Briana Marshall and Bruce Powell in Beloit,WI. Marshall phoned police at approximately 4:30 a.m. on Feb. 6 and reported the infant missing, stating that Smith left several hours earlier to go back to Colorado. Several family members stated they had never met Smith before she came to visit. “We had no clue this girl even existed,” according to Virginia Powell, the baby’s aunt. “No clue at all until we were informed yesterday via the news basically.”

With these facts in hand, the grasp of an augmented state of mind is extremely apparent.  Although this may not be another open-and-shut case of deranged and demented lady snatches baby, abundantly clear is Kristin Smith’s agenda: locate and retrieve an infant; present that infant as your own biological child.

Repeatedly, almost identical stories frequently emerge. These desolate, desperate, lonely individuals continue to surface. We are submerged with ridiculous amounts of explanations:  multiple miscarriages, problems conceiving, final attempts to stop a male from leaving, extreme loneliness; whatever the case may be, this is an appalling epidemic. It is disturbing that these types of individuals continue to gain access to newborns. These defenseless, irreplaceable infants are not being protected, and it is heinously disgusting.

Kristin Smith left young Kayden outside in sub-zero temperatures to die. A defenseless newborn was fighting for his life against freezing temperatures and an unstable criminal. This rapidly-spinning treadmill of infant victimization must cease. The motives are clear cut and concise; the clarity is needed on how to protect our babies from further harm.

Editorial by Ebony Wallker





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