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The Walking Dead returns tonight and the hit zombie killing sensation has people from all around the world excited to see the continuing story lines of all their favorite characters back in action! After one of the single most devastating episodes to ever air that was the mid-season finale, which premiered last fall, viewers have been waiting for months to find out what is going to happen next. While nerves start to tingle and anticipation airs higher and higher, taking a shotgun blast to the past with some of the Walking Dead’s top zombie kill moments from seasons one to four is a great way to bide some time.

Top Zombie Kill Moment From Season One

Rick bashes a zombie’s brains in with a baseball bat! (0:30 in above clip)

There is just something so incredibly special and beautiful about that first absolutely brutal zombie kill. This was done at a time when Rick was still so innocent and the zombie apocalypse was an absolutely new phenomenon for him. Once he realized that this was actually happening, nothing held him back from taking a baseball and repeatedly bashing a zombie’s head into a messy pulp of leftover brain rot. It truly brings a tear to the eye watching such heart clenching nostalgia.

Top Zombie Kill Moments From Season Two

Rick bashes a zombie’s brains in with a rock! (2:09 in above clip)

Rick gets the medal again and this kill was chosen for a very particular reason. Up until now, almost all of the zombies have been killed by the pack of survivors when they stuck together in a group. They had each other to back them up and usually came prepared with weapons. When Rick chased after Sophia, he had to save her from a couple of renegade zombies that were just looking for a fleshy mid-day snack. Rick did not have a great weapon to take the zombie down with so what he did he do? He picked up a rock off the ground and chucked it at the predator and then smashed its head into a messy pile of zombie mush. All of a sudden it became clear that the humans were beginning to understand their foe and they zombies were not necessarily that big of a threat, as long as there was only one or two at least.

MASS ZOMBIE KILLS: Shane opens the barn door! (3:29 in above clip)

Season two just needs another top zombie kill moment because of that one time Shane decided to lose his mind and go absolutely insane. Hershel’s barn had been a storage locker and home for zombie-kind but Shane was fed up and would have no more of that. He pulled open the barn door and let the horde loose. The group was forced to kill them all and there was a never a Walking Dead top zombie killing spree with more mixed emotions than this one.

Top Zombie Kill Moment From Season Three

While season two has been criticized for just not being violent enough, season three makes up for that little flaw in droves. With the introduction of Michonne, the sword-wielding zombie annihilator, the reintroduction of Merle with his zombie crushing robotic arm and the Governor who is just bad to the very bone for humans and zombies alike, there was never a finer time for blood and gore.

Merle kills with precision! (6:40 in above clip)

There are just so many different moments that could be picked from this season, but the one that is being selected for these purposes is the time where Merle saved Rick from being eaten alive. With precision so incredible, one would think Merle spent his entire life training for this moment. It looks like certain doom for Rick but Merle stabs the zombie right through its head with a blade that stops only inches away from piercing Rick as well. You can just see the terror light up in his eyes at the sword which nearly impaled him. Merle does not even stop; he carries on and quickly kills all the other zombies threatening to devour Rick.

While there are plenty of other great kills from this season, many of them are from the Governor killing humans and this article is about zombie deaths.

Top Zombie Kill Moment From Season Four

The Governor’s hands are his weapons! (3:06 in above clip)

While many of the other seasons had toss-ups for the top zombie kill moments, the choice pick for The Walking Dead season four just seems a little bit too obvious. By this point in the series, zombies are hardly seen as a threat anymore, at least when compared to humans. However, when the Governor attempts to rescue a little girl form a pit that is crawling with several zombies, using nothing but his bare hands, he takes the cake and the gold medal. With nothing more than his own two hands, he physically rips a zombie’s head apart like it was made of paper mache. He does not even need a baseball bat or a rock, because the Governor knows how to get things done and is always equipped for the job.

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