Kyrie Irving MVP Just the Beginning

 Kyrie Irving

The bouncing of the ball on the basketball court created a rhythm like a great jazz tune. The squeak of rubber soles on hardwood sounded like an amazing horn section. Just bringing the basketball up the court had a unique flair to it. This was Kyrie Irving’s coming out party. It was his improvisational masterpiece for the world to see. If the NBA universe did not dig his tune when he won rookie of the year in 2011, then they had to take full notice as young Mr. Irving jammed to his own beat to capture the MVP of Sunday’s NBA All-Star game. Irving would tell you with no hesitation that the MVP award was just the beginning.

The 3rd year Cleveland Cavalier guard hit high notes on the court with a confidence beyond his twenty-one years. We are taking about a young man with the aplomb to call out the great Kobe Bryant. Actually challenging the Black Mamba to a one-on-one game in Irving’s rookie year. There was only with fifty thousand dollars and a ton of bragging rights on the line. All of that self-confidence showed up in Sunday night’s stat line. Irving had 31 points and 14 assists. His steady leadership helped bring the East back from what would have been a fourth consecutive lost to the Western Conference All-stars.

Kyrie Irving is knocking on the door of the NBA’s next level. He was voted into the big game by fans as a starter. This is the ultimate validation, one that is not lost on him.  “It was definitely special, just being out there with all these great athletes.” Irving was able to master his emotions in a way few players can. This cool humility will take him far when dealing with the pressures of being a franchise star. He trying to make his mark on a team and a city that LeBron James famously rejected. The drafting of Irving has given the city of Cleveland hope that the Cavaliers can one day return to relevance. In fact, it was James that gave Irving advice on how to hold up the All-Star MVP trophy so that fans could see it. Perhaps Irving can follow the king’s example and led the Cavs to the playoffs. That should be the main goal. Looking at the warm embrace he and his father shared after the game could signal that Irving is just beginning his run and that the MVP is the first stop on his journey.

Currently, the Cavs sit at 20-33, in 11th place in the East. It is going to take a massive effort to get them there, but if he plays like he did Sunday night, the Cavs might have a chance to make beautiful music come playoff time. Kyrie Irving is still an up and coming star in the league. He knows that it is in the playoffs where you take that next big step, just ask Indiana Pacer forward, Paul George. He catapulted himself into super stardom based off his amazing performance in the playoffs last year. That’s what Kyrie wants. He is ready to make that sweet jazz music on the hardwood in order to get it done. Kyrie Irving has shown himself to be a young master of the court on his way to the all-star MVP, but for him that was only the beginning.

Editorial by Tony Bowers


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