Medical Cannabis May Be Crucial for Mothers

Medical CannabisThe use of medical cannabis is growing in the U.S. and more often it is shown that it may be crucial for mothers. All around the country, mothers are fighting for a medical cannabis program for the state they live in, in the hope to save their child’s life.

Medical cannabis is legal in 20 states and has become a hot topic for states where medical cannabis is still illegal. It is shown to improve the effects of a number of conditions and diseases, including epilepsy, spinal cord injuries, cancer, HIV/AIDS and chronic pains. While many children in the U.S. suffer from illnesses, it is their mothers who are fighting hardest to get medical cannabis through in their state.

In Pennsylvania, Heather Shuker is becoming more desperate every day. Her daughter, Hannah, was a healthy girl only four years ago, until she became an epilepsy patient. The family’s life changed and with Hannah suffering from hundreds of seizures, Heather is begging for a medical cannabis program in Pennsylvania. At a recent hearing on medical cannabis at the Capitol, Heather was scheduled to give a speech about why she supports medical cannabis, but her daughter’s illness stood in the way. Heather explains Hannah had a severe seizure before the hearing and the family rushed to the hospital. “She had 30 seizures in total on that day. It was the worst I have ever seen Hannah and I thought that may be the day that she died,” Heather explained. Although family and friends have advised the family to move to another state, where medical cannabis is legal, Heather believes she must fight for her daughter as well as for other families who are in need of medical cannabis.

Another mother in Pennsylvania, who medical cannabis may be crucial for, believes she might not be able to tell her story soon, if medical cannabis continues to be illegal in the state. Deena Kenney’s 17-year old son suffers from seizures; however, the medication that is given to him, called Onfi, makes him uncontrollably violent. The severance of his violence is becoming worse and Deena is forced to let her husband take care of their son. “If it were not for my husband taking care of our son, I would not be able to tell my story now. It also annoys me when people say the use of cannabis is dangerous, because some of the medications out there are far more dangerous than cannabis will ever be. Cannabis is my last hope,” she said while testifying before the Pennsylvania State Law and Justice Committee.

Slowly, but surely, the fight for medical cannabis has not only become crucial to mothers. Also medical doctors (M.D.) are becoming more involved in the discussion and several doctors have been recently tracking the results of medical cannabis on their patients. Dr. Yadvinger Singh (M.D.) and Dr. Chamandeep Bali (M.D.) released a report, describing the results of medical cannabis on a 14-year-old patient who suffered from leukemia. “By using cannabis for this patient, we managed to entirely control his leukemia.” Dr. William Courtney (M.D.) also states he has used medical cannabis to heal a patient, in this case his wife, who suffered from a severe form of lupus.

Medical cannabis is used more often around the world and countries like Australia, Canada, India and some countries in Europe are familiar with the use of cannabis for medical purposes.

Mothers like Heather and Deena, who cope with the illnesses of their children and who medical cannabis may be crucial for, are pleased to see more medical doctors supporting a medical cannabis program and hope they are able to help move the situation forward.

By Diana Herst

Lehigh Valley Live
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