Justin Bieber Makes News Again With a Stripper

Justin Bieber Gets More Stripper Action

As if Justin Bieber were not making headlines enough these days, he has once again made the top of the news with a stripper or strippers. Yes, that’s right! More than one report has come in on “The Biebs” lately, with each report showing a new sexual act that Justin has done with a stripper in a different club. As his reputation continues to create a bad boy image for him information has now been revealed that shows Justin consorting with strippers in different parts of the globe. He truly does make his way around.

In the first of reports entertainment gurus have put on display a photo that was leaked showing Justin Bieber and his pal Khalil Sharieff sharing a stripper’s boobs. With one on each side of the stripper the two are seen performing a sexual act and getting up close and personal with a stripper who attended a party at a recording studio in Los Angeles. The picture displays the torso of a woman with a large chest, french manicure, and even a colorful playboy tattoo standing center of the picture with the faces of the stars, Justin to the right and Khalil left. While the source of the photo remains anonymous entertainment sources say that it is clear that the photo is not fake.

Other reports claim that entertainment authorities have supposedly now proven the accuracy of a video that is up for grabs, showing Justin performing sexual acts on strippers in Australia. According to reports RadarOnline caught a piece of the video and is saying that it is authentic. The video, caught by a surveillance camera in the club, supposedly shows Bieber spanking one of the strippers and taking off another performer’s underwear with his teeth. While this video is definitely the biggest of the news that Justin Bieber has made showing him again with a stripper the unfortunate line of performer indulgence does not end there.

These recent reports are unfortunately just another day in the life of pop star, Justin Bieber, as many reports have been made over the last several months about Justin hanging with strippers. He was reportedly seen at a strip club in Texas where stripper’s told media that he was feeling them and in Miami where he reportedly spent a very large sum of money during Lil Scrappy’s birthday bash (although all reports show Justin spending quite a bit of cash on the stripper’s).

While all of these reports are most likely great publicity for the strippers and the clubs where Justin hangs, it is becoming very bad publicity for the 19-year-old baby singer who seems to be having a lot of problems these days. So what’s the solution? Apparently, it is affluenza!

Affluenze, the rich man’s disease, is what is now being used as an excuse for all of Justin’s bad behavior. Affluenza is a disease where a man has so much money that he can not understand the true consequences of his actions. This disease has been used to explain the behavior of rich people before and was originally defined for children of a rich family. Could Justin’s malicious behavior be a result of his money?

No matter the reason that Justin Bieber is making headline news with strippers again, the fact is that he continues to choose a racy crowd and hang with female performers. As more information comes forward on the pop star’s questionable relationship with strippers, his questionable relationship with drugs is still at large. Maybe tomorrow Bieber fans can see some good news about the bad boy!

By Crystal Boulware

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2 Responses to "Justin Bieber Makes News Again With a Stripper"

  1. Fately (@Fately1)   February 3, 2014 at 4:02 pm

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  2. J. Hancock   February 3, 2014 at 3:09 pm

    I believe that Justin is just enjoying his lost childhood and is just having some fun. Just be careful bro and be safe.

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