Michael Schumacher’s Accident Finally Solved


Michael Schumacher has been in an induced coma for seven weeks already, but the cause of his accident seems to have been finally solved. The detailed investigation showed no sign of malfunction with regard to his equipment, but new evidence reveals that the helmet which sent the champion in a medically induced coma could have exploded because of the head camera installed on it. Investigators revealed that the camera weakened the helmet, ultimately causing it to break when Schumacher fell and smashed his head on a rock. Although the investigation is ongoing, the current information regarding the tragic accident could finally shed some light on the cause which deprived the German Formula 1 legend of his skills.

The investigation with regard to Michael Schumacher’s accident continues as experts from French ski academy Ensa seem to have finally solved the missing piece which forced the doctors from Grenoble University Hospital to induce the champion into a coma that should save his life.

Tomorrow, prosecutors are expected to clear the French resort of Meribel, as well as the makers of Schumacher’s ski equipment. However, since the latter did not present any sign of malfunction, the attention is now focused on the head camera which was fixed on the helmet so that the champion could film his son on the slopes. The new theory that the investigators emitted is that the helmet was reportedly weakened because of the camera, which ultimately caused the head protector to shatter, thus leading to severe head injuries. The camera remained intact after the helmet broke, which allowed the police to reach a conclusion after examining the audio and video footage.

While doctors are trying to speed up Michael Schumacher’s recovery, the cause of the accident seems to have been finally solved and the culprit is the head camera fixed on the champion’s helmet, which caused the latter to shatter and determined the experts to send the legend right into an induced coma.  The question which lies on everybody’s lips, namely what caused the accident could finally receive its answer; the laboratory has been carrying out tests in order to find out whether the camera weakened the helmet’s structure and caused Schumacher’s severe head injuries.

Investigators also pointed out that the champion “deliberately” went on a patch located in between two runs, where plenty of rocks could have caused the tragic accident. The resort’s lawyer, Maurice Bodecher who, until 2010 was also the head lawyer for the French Ski Federation has been hired to face the accusations that can send the managers of Meribel behind bars for up to three years for not marking the dangers lurking within the off-piste section.

The  footage clearly showed that Schumacher was skiing off the trail when he lost his balance and fell, but speed was dismissed from the possible causes that led to the tragic accident.

“His pace was completely normal for a skilled skier,” Lieutenant Colonel Benoit Vinneman said.

Although speed, which was previously considered the cause of Schumacher’s accident proved to be within normal parameters, the tragic outcome of the champion’s skiing session could finally be solved after investigators decide whether the head camera is responsible for the shattered helmet, as well as for the severe head injuries.

By Gabriela Motroc


The Telegraph 


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