Michelle Obama and Will Ferrell Collaborate to End Childhood Obesity


With inactivity and obesity rates at an all-time high among American children, Michelle Obama is campaigning through her program Let’s Move! to make a change in young American’s lifestyles. To celebrate her fourth year of the Let’s Move! campaign, Michelle Obama collaborated with Will Ferrell in a short video, to help put an end to childhood obesity by promoting healthy eating.

In the video Obama and Ferrell are sitting at a table with a diverse group of several young children, all around the age of seven. In the video Obama and Ferrell are holding a “focus group” with the children about healthy foods and exercise. The two adults, acting as discussion leaders, ask the children about what their favorite fruits and vegetables are, and how they like to move and stay active. Ferrell interjects comedy into the short film by asking the children silly questions about diet an exercise, while still getting them to think critically about living an active life. Through the discussion the the mock “focus group” in this mini-video, Michelle Obama hopes to promote awareness of the importance of diet and exercise in young children.

This humorous collaborative video with Michelle Obama and Will Ferrell to end childhood obesity is part of the First Lady’s Let’s Move! campaign. This political initiative, which Michelle Obama launched four years ago is all about helping young children start and continue to practice healthy eating habits early in life. Other corollary initiatives for this movement include educating parents about healthy lifestyles, and making nutritious food less expensive and more easily and readily accessible. Also, in accordance with the name of the First Lady’s program, the Let’s Move! campaign also promotes an active lifestyle for children.

To kick off Obama’s fourth year of the Let’s Move! campaign, the First Lady collaborated with Will Ferrell to end childhood obesity, as well as several other initiatives to spread the world and have kids make healthier choices regarding nutrition and exercise. Recently Michelle Obama made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s new evening talk show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, where show opened up about her campaign and also showcased her dance moves. While on the late night comedy show the First Lady was in a skit with Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell, which humorously discussed healthy eating. In this skit titled “Ew”, Ferrell and Fallon are dressed as teenagers, with braces dresses and teenage attitudes. The three “women” talk about exercise and eating healthy in the clip and end up dancing and eventually eating kale chips.


For a previous Let’s Move! promotion Mrs.Obama appeared on Fallon’s first evening show, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and performed a but with him about the evolution of mom dancing, promoting physical activity.

In past years Mrs.Obama has paired up with other celebrities to reach out to children and parents in efforts to end childhood obesity. These public figures include athletes LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Ray Allen, as well as characters Elmo and Rosita from the popular show Sesame Street, as well as stars from the Disney Channel.

As Michelle Obama works tirelessly to promote physical well-being for children of the United States, her efforts aren’t solitary. With the help of actors and athletes alike along with her recent collaboration with Will Ferrell, Obama hopes  to end childhood obesity.

By Allison Longstreet


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