Michigan Murderer Michael Elliot Escapee on the Loose National Alert (Update Captured)

u.s., breaking news, escapee, michael elliot, indiana, michigan

 u.s., breaking, michael elliot, indiana, Michigan, escapee

[Updated Latest Information:] Michael Elliot who escaped Sunday evening from the Ionia County Correctional Facility has been captured. A car was reported stolen in LaPorte, Indiana. This moved officials to an immediate alert. A deputy had been nearby and immediately took note of the Monte Carlo, which just seconds ago, an alert came in from his radio of a stolen vehicle matching the description. A chase ensued, leading cops to lay out stop sticks. The officers were able to successful place a halt to the convict’s escape. The LaPorte arrest made immediate headlines and Elliot will face numerous charges. Investigators will now review exactly how Elliot escaped from the electric fenced facility.

[Updated Monday morning]: The Jeep Liberty Michael Elliot was driving in has been discovered in an empty parking in Shipshewana, Indiana. Schools in the area have been alerted as well as businesses. In a previous report, the license plate number, make, model and state of plates were announced. The information is no longer valid, and currently no word has been advised if Elliot may be on foot or in another vehicle. Westview Schools were placed on lockdown earlier today. Additionally, reports surfaced a gas station employee may had seen the convict in Tennessee, that report was deemed as false. Reports will be updated as they come in.

[Original]: Officials from the Michigan Department of Corrections are issuing a national alert regarding an escaped convict from their grounds. Michael Elliot escaped from the Ionia County Correctional Facility on Sunday. The reports released, state officials located a hole in the ground by the fence. Elliot is reported to be armed and extremely dangerous. He was serving four life sentences for a quadruple murder that took place in 1993.

Information regarding Elliot’s exact destination has not been tracked. The convict did kidnap a female Sunday and forced her to drive him towards Elkhart County in Indiana. Reports indicate the vehicle stopped for gas, and the woman was able to escape, unscathed. Elliot was potentially using a knife or box cutters to threaten the female.

The Ionia Department of Public Safety has been in contact with local school districts and businesses to alert of the situation. Media outlets are releasing these national reports to keep individuals aware of the pending situation. Do not approach Elliot if seen, he was serving four life terms for murder and is considered dangerous. Instead contact the Ionia Public Safety department at the number located at the end of this article.

Originally, there was concern two inmates were on the loose, but that report was withdrawn to state it was only Elliot on the loose. Elliot has gone by previous aliases including; Michael D. Delarosa, Michael David Shreader, and Michael David Delarose.  Elliot is a 40-year-old white male with brown eyes and brown hair. He weighs about 165 pounds and his height is approximately 5 feet 8 inches. See link to convict information under sources at the end of the article, for appearance updates.

Investigators have not advised if Elliot may be headed in any targeted area, it is highly advised to pass this alert to family and friends who may be aware of the convict. Elliot has an arm length of charges; armed robbery, arson, breaking and entering and murdering four people.

The time of his escape was 7 p.m. local time, wearing his state issued prison uniform which is the color blue. Reportedly, the search has been withdrawn around the immediate area of the prison, and officials in Indiana have been contacted. Law enforcement officials visited some areas with K-9 assistance and checked on residents with a door-to-door safety check. Nothing unusual was reported.

Around 11:50 p.m. local time, police received a phone call from a woman who advised she had been kidnapped by Elliot. The woman reported she was carjacked by Elliot at knife-point and forced to drive for over two hours to Indiana. They stopped at 11 p.m. for gas when the car was running low on fuel. The gas station was located in Middlebury, close to the state line of Michigan. The woman, whose name has not been released, escaped to the bathroom and contacted authorities.

Elliot drove away with the woman’s car – it was a Jeep Liberty 2004 model, the color red. The license plate is registered in the state of Michigan and the plate number is 5FTG55. The car sports a black grill cover over the front of the vehicle. In addition, the rear tire is running on a spare. Animal stickers can be seen on the back window of the vehicle.  The gas station employee who interacted with Elliot stated the man wore a dark hooded sweatshirt and had short brown hair, and a beard.

During the 1993 murders of four people, Elliot did not act alone. Charles Treece is also servicing a life sentence at the Alger Correctional Facility. Paul Treece and Tammy LaCross were named in the crime as well, but Paul and Tammy took pleas agreements to testify against Elliot. It is unknown if a connection between the trio is underway.

For now, officials are asking residents to maintain in their homes and report any suspicious activity. Michael Elliot, a murderer convict is on the loose and the nation is on alert.  Report any whereabouts of the convict to the Ionia Public Safety department at: 616-527-4431 or contact 9-1-1. This story will be updated as details emerge.


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