Miley Cyrus Responsible for Robin Thicke Separation?


Is Miley Cyrus responsible for Robin Thicke’s separation from his wife, Paula Patton? That’s the word on the street as news broke yesterday of Thicke’s separation. Apparently, Miley’s raunchy stunts at the VMA Awards were a major “test” of the marriage, but the official stance from their reps is that the split was mutual. However, sources close to the couple told US Magazine that Patton was seemingly none too happy with the VMA performance, and Thicke had to beg his wife to stay by his side during the duration of the awards season. She agreed, but the split is said to have been in the works for a long time.

During the VMA awards, Cyrus turned the entire internet on its ear with her overly-sexualized performance. She did a lot of grinding and twerking on Thicke’s crotch, a move which could not have pleased Patton. One motion which was startling not only to Patton but to the entire audience watching the show was when Cyrus actually grabbed Thicke’s crotch reason with her oversized foam finger. Most married women would say this move was a definite “no no” for another woman to perform on their husband, but Cyrus seemed gleefully unaware of the possible implications and consequences of her actions. Is Miley Cyrus responsible for Robin Thicke’s separation?

To be fair to Cyrus, she has come out and stated in no uncertain terms that her entire performance at the VMA awards was purposely calculated. She also says she was only playing a character, and that the girl on the stage that night was not reflective of how she actually is in her normal life. Assuming that Thicke knew about the direction of the performance beforehand (after all, they had to have rehearsed it, right?) then essentially, Cyrus is no more a factor in Thicke’s marriage than is any actress playing a love scene in a movie.

Performers are always acting, and what they show to the world on stage has little, if anything to do with how they really act day to day. Cyrus hasn’t been linked to Thicke in any way before or since the VMA awards. It’s not as if they’ve been photographed stepping out together or having clandestine dinners at romantic eateries. No, since the VMA performance, Cyrus and Thicke seem to have gone completely separate ways. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that Cyrus is in any way responsible for Robin Thicke’s separation from his wife.

Generally, when two co-stars fall in love on the set, they are together for many months filming intensely passionate scenes, and yes, sometimes, affairs happen (after all, how could anyone forget the Kristen Stewart debacle last year?) However, what happens much more often is that co-stars film love scenes, consider it just another day at the office, and don’t fall in love or have an affair. Given the fact that Thicke says they rehearsed for three days beforehand, it most likely came as no surprise to Patton when the performance actually went down.

In fact, Patton herself defended Thicke at the time, saying that the “outrage” was comical and that Cyrus’ dancing was very typical of how girls dance at clubs. Patton was totally comfortable with the performance and seemed as though she was expecting that level of raunchiness to occur onstage. Is Miley Cyrus responsible for Robin Thicke’s separation? It would be very difficult to make a case that supports such conjecture. Cyrus seems most intent on getting her name in the press as much as possible, and not on going after other women’s husbands.

By: Rebecca Savastio


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  1. thebutlerdidit   February 25, 2014 at 6:39 pm

    Of course not. I’m guessing it had more to do with their 20 yr open relationship suddenly becoming a bit “too open” in light of the new fame in both of their careers. Threesomes become twosomes and if your partner isn’t one of those….well..


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