NASA Shows the Surface of the Sun is Acting Up [new video]

NASA Shows the Surface of the Sun is Acting Up

In a new video released by the scientists at NASA, the surface of the sun is shown to be acting up in ways which are affecting everything from radio transmissions to global warming. The aurora borealis, or “northern lights,” a phenomenon directly related to solar flare activity, was seen as far south as the northern United States. One NASA researcher said that one of the magnetic filaments blown off by the sun, was twenty times the length the earth.

A “filament” is the visible spectrum of a magnetic loop thrown off by the sun. Even though they are much cooler than the surface of the sun, they travel at 1.7 million mph. Those magnetic loops are called “prominences,” and they range in temperatures from 360,000 degrees to an astounding 2,700,000 degrees, Fahrenheit. When two prominences collide, the massive explosion they set off creates what is commonly referred to as a solar flare.

If a solar flare is violent enough, and pointed roughly towards the earth, it can affect satellites, power grids, radio transmissions and all manner of human activity. Fortunately, this latest solar explosion was pointed away from the earth, causing mere Type II radio bursts. A Type II radio burst is generally only heard as background static on Ham radios.

NASA Shows the Surface of the Sun is Acting Up

Unfortunately, a lot of supposedly “educated” Americans are poorly informed on the difference between solar flares, sunspots, cosmic rays and their affects on the surface of the earth. Researchers at the National Science Foundation want to blame that fact on America’s poor science education curriculum, which seems to have been replaced with lessons on self-esteem, “conflict avoidance,” diversity studies and “empowerment.” None of which prepares America’s growing population to compete with the world.

Few Americans are aware that “solar wind” activity has a direct effect on the amount of cosmic rays striking the surface of the earth. Or that the amount of cosmic rays striking the earth directly affect the amount of cloud cover over the earth. Hopefully, the understanding that more cloud cover equals a cooler surface temperature, is still universally understood. As the NASA data shows, the surface of the sun acting up is going to have a tremendous impact on temperatures around the world.

Low-level, atmospheric clouds require some nucleation particle – either a water droplet or a solid particle – to act as the core for further condensation. Cosmic rays contribute to the nucleation events which promote low-level cloud formation; high solar activity and solar wind act to blow cosmic rays away from the earth, thus retarding low-level cloud formation. In other words, high solar activity directly contributes to higher surface temperatures on the earth.

Sol is a spectral type G2 dwarf, “main sequence” star, which is the only kind of star so far found to be perfect for life, as science understands it. Light from the sun takes roughly eight minutes and 20 seconds to travel all the way to the earth. Most of the energy arriving from the sun, comes in the form of hard radiation. The “visible light spectrum” is only a small sliver of the actual radiation wavelengths coming into the Earth’s atmosphere.

NASA Shows the Surface of the Sun is Acting Up

Fortunately, as much as 95 percent of the heat energy radiated at the Earth from the sun, is reflected away by CO2. The real culprit in the quote-unquote “global warming dilemma,” is water vapor. Water vapor is virtually invisible to the visible light spectrum, but it does a wonderful job of retaining heat energy generated by the sun. Water vapor in the atmosphere acts to collect heat throughout the day and radiate it evenly throughout the night. That perfect water vapor blanket around the earth, serves to regulate global temperatures and keep a mild climate throughout the year. Clouds, though still imperfectly understood, play a critical role in maintaining atmospheric temperatures. The new NASA data, showing that the surface of the sun is acting up, cannot be dismissed in a discussion about global warming.

By Ben Gaul


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  1. michael brookes   March 8, 2014 at 11:39 pm

    finding out the facts able me to understand what kind of weather we stand forth for the coming summer months in North India such as in Uttar Pradesh, District Bahraich. India.

  2. Marietta Alexander   February 20, 2014 at 10:13 pm

    There will be signs in the Sun, Moon and stars; distress of nations with perplexity. The Sun is doing things that are threatening to our way of life on this planet. We need to realize, the scriptures that tell us about the last days are being fulfilled. Wake up and understand that time as we have known it may be coming to an end. Prepare yourself!

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