NASA Sued for Failure to Investigate Alien Life Form on Mars

NASA Sued for Failure to Investigate Alien Life Form
NASA is being sued by California self-proclaimed astrobiologist Rhawn Joseph for failing to recognize that what they called a rock was, instead, a growing alien life form. Joseph alleges that NASA failed in investigating the possibility that they had stumbled across a life form, and that they shouldn’t have brushed off the sudden appearance of a “mysterious rock” photographed by the Mars Rover.

On January 27, Joseph filed the petition at the U.S District Court of Northern California. He claims that NASA was negligent in refusing to take close-up photographs of the so-called “rock” from various angles, and he states that they should have attempted to gather samples and images of the object. He also stated that NASA should have made public high-resolution photos of the object.

According to Joseph, in his petition, even chimpanzees, dogs, or rodents would approach, investigate, and examine an object that suddenly appears before their eyes, especially when they hadn’t noticed it 12 days earlier. He added that NASA and its rover team didn’t do these things, and he criticized the space agency for not taking any close-up photographs of the object.

Joseph, who writes for and is the founder of the online site, has published an article there about the seemingly inexplicable decision of NASA not to investigate and take close-up photographs of the mysterious object. According to Joseph, the photo NASA took of the bowl-shaped growth during Sol 3540 showed that the object resembled “Apothecia (a mixture of fungus and cyanobacteria).”

Steve Squyres, the lead scientist of NASA’s Mars rover Opportunity, reportedly said that it was a mystery where the object came from, and that his team was baffled.

One possible explanation of why the rock seemed to mysteriously appear after a 12-day period of time, according to NASA, is that maybe the movement of the Mars Rover possibly threw it there. Alternatively, perhaps, the space agency suggests, a meteorite impact on the surface of Mars might have flung it there.

Joseph isn’t buying the explanation, saying that there’s no sign that any such impact occurred. He believes that NASA’s explanation is “illogical.”

According to the petition, if the object is found to be a biological organism, Joseph is requiring NASA to acknowledge him as the person who discovered that there is life on Mars.

By their not investigating the possibility that the supposed “rock” was an alien life form, Rhawn Joseph feels that NASA missed an important opportunity to prove that life exists elsewhere other than on Earth.

Was the mysterious rock, which some people have said resembles a “jelly doughnut,” actually an alien life form? Even if it was a life form, was NASA negligent in their duties by not investigating the object further? Perhaps the eventual resolution of Joseph’s case against NASA will reveal the answers to these questions.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

2 Responses to "NASA Sued for Failure to Investigate Alien Life Form on Mars"

  1. Simply Put   September 8, 2014 at 10:10 pm

    No. He’s saying despite all that intellect, they neglected to investigate something that to even NASA’s admission, was baffling. He actually noticed something they neglected to look into, this he feels that if it is life he discovered it due to NASA’s negligence.

  2. Sue for free stuff   February 1, 2014 at 10:17 pm

    So a person who doesn’t work for NASA or even have a degree wants to sue the people who sent a robot into space for the right to say he discovered life on Mars? Perhaps I should sue McDonalds for the right to the invention of Burgers and their discovery!

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