Nevada Supreme Court Rules on Term Limit Case

Nevada Supreme Court Rules on Term Limit Case

Dateline: Carson City, Nevada.

Nevada Supreme Court

Feb. 20, 2014

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In a none-too-surprising upset for career-minded politicians all over the state of Nevada today, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled on the term-limit case brought before them by Reno mayoral candidate Eddie Lorton. The case was filed after a number of clearly termed-out Reno city council members announced that they intended to run for the Mayor’s slot, on the council. Reno’s existing city charter is clear in its language defining the Mayor as a member of the city council. It reads thus: “The Mayor: (a) Shall serve as a member of the City Council and preside over its meetings.”

In their ruling, the Court cited the Nevada State Constitution, Article 15, Section 3, Item 2, which reads “No person may be elected to any state office or local governing body who has served in that office, or at the expiration of his current term if he is so serving will have served, 12 years or more…”

The voters of Reno have passed term limit laws, twice, in 1996 and 1998. Overwhelmingly. The lawsuit was brought to the Nevada Supreme Court by Lorton, when Mayor Bob Cashell and the current city council decided that the city should not waste tax payer money bring the suit, itself. They were very clear that a private citizen should bring the costly suit, and the suit should be brought in a very timely manner.

Today, the Nevada Supreme Court upheld the term limit laws passed by Reno voters by ruling in favor of Lorton’s case. The termed-out city council members who wanted to skirt the law and run once more for a seat on the council, have lost their case.

By Ben Gaul

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