New York Knicks Continue to Be an Embarrassment to the NBA

New York Knicks

With the recent news of Raymond Felton’s gun charges, the New York Knicks continue to do exactly what they do best – embarrass themselves. From the antics of their jester ringleader J.R. Smith to the complete lack of on court effort and overall disrespect of coach Mike Woodson, the Knicks are a bad circus act.

Unfortunately for the Knicks, it’s not going to get better any time soon as it’s all starting to make sense. In the state of today’s NBA, you can expect ignorance and childlike behavior to come out of a league made up of 450+ self-indulgent, entitled athletes. But with the Knicks, it’s different. The ignorance starts at the very top.

When Felton selfishly put himself before his team and his gun charges surfaced earlier this week, it was sadly no surprise to anyone. It has been that kind of year for an out of shape Felton and the 21-36 Knicks. But when there was no apology, no resentment and zero repercussion from within the organization, the Knicks showed their true colors.

Owner James Dolan and President/General Manager Steve Mills have been both cowardly and spineless in their lack of discipline and explanation of the situation. They have literally done nothing. Raymond Felton gave a minute long statement during practice on Wednesday without even considering using the words “I’m sorry.” Instead, he plans on going right ahead with playing and claims that there will be no distractions. Well, maybe no more distractions than the Knicks already had, considering they have given Carmelo Anthony absolutely no reason to want to stick around when his contract expires.

Coach Mike Woodson has already stated that Felton will indeed start on Thursday against the Miami Heat, despite being charged with second and third-degree criminal possession of a firearm, which are felonies, and fourth-degree possession of a firearm just days before.

Second-degree possession of a firearm is what put former New York Giant Plaxico Burress behind bars for almost two years. But it’s no big deal to James Dolan and his New York Knicks. After all, if they lose an underwhelming and out of shape Felton, there’s only two things that could happen. They could trim the fat, play better without him and sneak into the playoffs, or they could have an excuse to tank and “coincidentally” land a top-5 draft pick. Stranger things have happened to big markets that are desperate to keep a big star.

Now, I understand that Felton is still innocent until proven guilty, but I just wish that for once somebody would step up, do the right thing and send a message out to the youth that these actions are simply unacceptable. We cannot continue to let our “role models” fail to lead by a positive example. It’s time for the league to step in and do something about the situation. It’s time for new Commissioner Adam Silver to make his presence felt before the Knicks embarrass themselves and the NBA even more than they already have.

Opinion by Rich Peters


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  1. Anthony E Davis   February 27, 2014 at 6:15 am

    I agree what you regarding Spencer. He has screwed up big time and should NOT be allowed to play. I am a huge believer in the 2nd amendment and a gun owner but a responsible one. Threatening someone with a firearm is a big issue in my book and if it is proven to be true then he must pay for his crime plain and simple. I just hope no one starts blaming the gun for the crime and not the perpetrator.

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