Noah’s Ark Sails Again, This Time in Kentucky

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Noah’s Ark got of a building permit in the hills and valleys of Kentucky recently. Construction on the ark, to be built by Creation Museum founder Ken Ham, will start in May and the stuffed animals are expected to be able to come onboard by the summer of 2016.

Ham, who recently had a high-profile debate with Bill Nye, “The Science Guy,” said that the debate helped boost funding and support for building of the modern-day Noah’s Ark.

Noah’s Ark and The Museum

The museum, where Noah’s Ark will be in drydock, Ham says, is “state-of-the-art” and will bring the story in Genesis to life. Early plans show that characters from the Old Testament story will be in a “dynamic” form and  placed in familiar settings. Adam and Eve, sans clothes, will romp in the Garden of Eden as their children play nearby. Dinosaurs will stroll beside Eden’s Rivers while the serpent will live in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Murals filled with saturated colors and details will provide the backdrop for the settings.

The space within the Creation Museum has been allocated into unusual shapes that maximizes interaction with each of the over 150 displays. Exhibit themes are presented to visitors in the various presentations at the on-site theater. A special effects viewing experience, the movies are complete with seats that rumble with earthquakes and mists from the stage area.

The Stargazers Planetarium shows a gravity-defying spaceflight that takes viewers millions of light years out to the farthest reaches of the universe. Three gardens enhance the landscaping of the museum.

The gardens of the museum provide space to stroll through an area filled with over 6,000 plants, a man-made lake and areas for family picnics. Contained within the gardens is a petting zoo where visitors are encouraged not to miss “…the wonders of God’s creation.”

Noah’s Cafe provides sandwiches, salads and cold beverages. If a museum visitor is just thirsty, Noah’s Coffee has a variety of coffees and cold drinks for sale. Noah’s Coffee is located inside The Dragon Hall Bookstore which sells videos, gift books as well as reference works for Biblical studies.

Kenneth “Ken” Ham

Kenneth Ham, 62, is a “young-Earth” proponent who has always advocated a literal interpretation of Genesis. In 1979, Ham co-founded the Creation Science Foundation with John Mackay in Queensland, Australia. Ham then went to work for the Institute for Creation Research before leaving in 1994 to set up Creation Science Ministries. The ministry promotes the belief that the first chapters in the Old Testament Book of Genesis should be taken literally and considered historically accurate.

Bill Nye, The Science Guy

William Sanford “Bill” Nye, 58, is an American television host and scientist. Nye began his vocation as an engineer with Boeing and is known mainly for his hosting of the popular Disney/PBS show, “Bill Nye the Science Guy.”

After leaving Boeing, Nye began working as a consultant in the aeronautics field where he developed a hydraulic pressure suppressor which is still used in Boeing’s 747 aircraft. Nye then started his professional entertainment career doing sketch comedy on a local station in Seattle. The show’s host kept mispronouncing the word “gigawatt” as “jigowatt” and Nye kept correcting him. Frustrated, the host said, “Who do you think you are — Bill Nye the Science Guy?”

Noah’s Ark of Kentucky won’t be able to float or carry animals. What it will do is make an interesting roadside attraction for people tired of the largest ball of twine and alligator farms.

By Jerry Nelson

Ark Encounter
The Tennessean

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  1. waaph   February 28, 2014 at 5:07 am

    He he he….don’t forget to build the ark large enough to fit all the different types of dinosaurs on it not to mention a year’s worth of food for them. What fools these mortals be!


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