Ogunquit Carbon Monoxide Trouble Police Responds


Trouble related to carbon monoxide emission was just reported near Route 1 and Captain Thomas Road in Ogunquit, Maine; police and local authorities were quick to respond. Multiple ambulances have been called to tend to patients reporting an issue with carbon monoxide.

The extent to the injuries however remains unclear. Police have revealed that the areas coming from and to Route 1 and Captain Thomas Road have been blocked of to contain the damage. Those injured will be rushed to the nearest hospitals to be looked after while authorities attempt to contain the situation.

York Hospital resported that at least 6 patients have been brought in but their conditions is believed to be stable. No critical damage has been reported as of yet while police continues to respond to the carbon monoxide trouble in Ogunquit.

By Hammad Ali


One Response to "Ogunquit Carbon Monoxide Trouble Police Responds"

  1. irshad ali   March 3, 2014 at 2:18 am

    strange, how that could be happened

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