Ohio Bus Driver’s Life Saved by His Bible

OhioA bus driver’s faith was what saved his life on Monday night in Dayton, Ohio, as his bible stopped two bullets from entering his chest.  In what police suspect was possibly a gang initiation, an RTA bus driver, 49 year old Rick Wagoner, was lucky indeed and he now feels he was saved by a “divine intervention.”

Wagoner told the media he was driving his bus on his normal route on Monday night when the vehicle developed a mechanical problem.  He stopped at Lakeview and Lakeside to try and find out what had happened.

When he was about to find out what had gone wrong with the bus, he says he was immediately approached by three young men and according to Wagoner they had absolutely no intention of letting him survive the experience.  According to NewsOne, Wagoner says that one of them said “they needed to shoot a polar bear to get in a club.”

According to Sgt. Michael Pauley of the Dayton, Ohio Police Department, Wagoner was shot three times and was also cut in the arm by a knife during the attack.  One bullet hit Wagoner in the hip and the other two blasted into his chest.  According to Pauley it was amazing that none of the injuries were life-threatening.

Wagoner said when the bullets hit his chest, he thought this was the end. Although he felt like he had been literally hit by a sledge hammer, when he looked down at his chest, he was amazed to see there was no blood and then realized what exactly had saved him.

The lucky side of the nasty incident was that Wagoner always carries what he called the “Good Book,” or bible, in his breast pocket wherever he goes, and that is what took the two bullets and saved the Ohio bus driver’s life.

Even more amazing was the fact that not only did Wagoner survive the harrowing experience, it seems he decided not to merely “turn the other cheek.”  Once Wagoner realized he was not badly hurt, he immediately decided to take action against his attackers.  He discovered that the men had left their gun and knife in his bus and as the three possible gang members started running away, Wagoner shot at them as they ran down the street.

Unfortunately, and despite Wagoner’s efforts, the three suspects escaped from the scene, but more fortunate was the fact that the bible saved Wagoner’s life.  Of interest is that yet another item in his pocket also helped him in his fight for life, as he managed to stab one of the attackers with a pen.

According to media reports the bus may have had a problem with its electrical connections.  Wagoner apparently managed to temporarily fix the problem and drove the public transit bus four or five blocks to the Westown Shopping Center where he called for help and emergency service vehicles came to the scene and took him to hospital.

Police have not made any arrests at this time but are investigating the incident with the help of a surveillance video from the bus, which shows the attack fairly clearly.  While they are not definitely sure it was a gang initiation, it does appear to have been that kind of situation.

On Monday night, Wagoner was recovering in an Ohio hospital and looks like he is going to be just fine and grateful that the bus driver’s life was saved by his bible.

By Anne Sewell





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