Pamela Rauseo and Good Samaritans Rush to Aid Her 5-Month-Old Nephew


Pamela Rauseo and a few Good Samaritans rushed to the aid of her 5-month-old nephew early Thursday afternoon. Rauseo in a panic, was carrying a child, running down the highway. The child, not breathing, was in desperate need of help. Rauseo, a West Kendall resident, 37, had pulled her SUV over just East of the 57th avenue exit on the Dolphin expressway, State Road 836; placing the whole of the westbound highway in total gridlock, when she noticed the child was not breathing. In a frantic rush for help, Rauseo picked up the child and ran down the side of the highway waving off people trying to gain help. Good Samaritans on the expressway stopped and rushed to aid Rauseo and the child. Rauseo, who knew CPR began to try to resuscitate the seemingly lifeless child.

Rauseo was concerned she broke her sisters trust, she told reporters. She couldn’t allow anything to happen to the child, 5-month-old Sebastian De La Cruz.

RauseoA Miami Herald Pulitzer prize-winning photographer, Al Diaz, was behind Rauseo on the road “I heard screaming, screaming that the baby can’t breathe.” He stated. Diaz went to Rauseo’s aid and helped flag down a police officer, Amauris Bastidas, which aided in resuscitating the child in tandem with Rauseo. Officer Bastidas performed chest compressions, while Rauseo breathed air back into the fragile 5-month-old. Another woman, Lucila Godoy, 34, aided the frantic Rauseo, and can be seen comforting her as Officer Amauris was carrying the child, “I lifted him up in the air and moved him up and down.” until he noticed the baby regain consciousness, “He started breathing and crying.” stated Officer Amauris.

RauseoAfter, the child stopped breathing once more, Rauseo and the Samaritans rushed to administer CPR again to aid the distressed 5-month-old. Two fire rescue members, Anthony Trim, a Captain, and Alvaro Tonanez, a Lieutenant, both from Miami Fire Rescue happened to be trapped in the resulting bumper-to-bumper traffic stoppage in separate vehicles. They each heard the emergency call on their radios; both jumped out of their cars realizing they were nearby and rushed to aid the situation. By this time, Officer Amauris and Rauseo had already successfully revived the child, once again. Both fire rescue members, assisted in checking the child to make sure he was breathing fine, that his airways were open and unblocked. The child was rushed off to Jackson Memorial Hospital to the pediatric unit, and was reported to be stable as of Thursday evening.

Rauseo can be seen reacting to the situation after the baby is taken away to the hospital, obviously shaken. But it’s thanks to her quick thinking that she saved her baby nephew using CPR.

The quick work, of the panicked Rauseo, even though originally described as frantic and emotional, along with the Good Samaritan, Diaz, who helped gain the help of Officer Bastidas, among the others that came to aid the 5-month-old child, is amazing and uplifting. No word has been given yet as to what caused the child to stop breathing, if he had something obstructing his airway, or if there was any preexisting condition that led to the incident.


By Emanuel F. Camacho


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