Philip Seymour Hoffman Caught in Love Triangle Before his Death


According to Law enforcement, Philip Seymour Hoffman had been romantically involved with two women. This new information was found in two diaries which Hoffman had in his home. Police say that Hoffman’s diaries detail a tortured love triangle between his longtime girlfriend Mimi O’Donnell and another woman whom he had apparently been hooking up with.

Sources to the NY Post implied that O’Donnell may have kicked Hoffman to the curb about three months prior to his passing. They mentioned that O’Donnell tried to keep him away from the couple’s three children while he was using drugs. O’Donnell was hoping that the time apart from his family would knock some sense into him to get him clean.

NBC had reported that Hoffman’s scribbled diaries revealed that he was haunted by “daemons.” Police had allegedly discovered the two diaries among the 40 plus bags of heroin that were in the apartment at the time of his death. Hoffman was just 46 years old when he died in his New York City home with a syringe still inside his arm.

By Katie Sevigny


FOX News

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