Philip Seymour Hoffman Dead Overdose Apparent Cause

HoffmanPhilip Seymour Hoffman, 46, is dead. Hoffman was reportedly found inside his New York apartment bathroom February 2, drug overdose is the apparent cause. The actor had allegedly relapsed, finding his way back into the clutches of drug abuse. He had lived 20 years sober and clean. Last summer he spent 10 days in a facility to get help with remaining sober.

At 11:30 am 911 emergency workers took a call from Hoffman’s assistant who found him unresponsive inside of his home from an alleged drug overdose as reported by the New York Post.

A law enforcement source shared, Hoffman may have injected extra strong heroin that may have been mixed with a very powerful drug used for cancer patients. When mixed with heroin the combination almost immediately causes the heart to stop. Scores of deaths have been reported across the east coast in the last two weeks, that are linked to the deadly heroin mix.

The cause of death has not been listed as of yet, and ABC News was told by law enforcement officials that drugs were in Hoffman’s apartment, and a needle in his arm. As the New York Police Department continues to investigate, it is sadly reported, that actor Philip Seymour Hoffman is dead from an apparent overdose.

Hoffman won a 2005 Oscar Award for his captivating performance in the movie Capote where he brought the life of Truman Capote to the big screen.

He leaves to mourn three young children, whom he shared with long-time partner costume designer, Mimi O’Donnell.

Hoffman’s family released a statement, asking for people to “keep prayer,” during this very difficult time. The family appreciates the words of kindness and expressions of love. Understandably they are devastated at the loss of a loved one. They ask that the family to be allowed to grieve the loss of Hoffman privately.

Hoffman, was born in upper state New York, in Fairport a suburb of Rochester. The gifted actor graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of Arts in 1989, with a BFA in drama.

There are news reports that someone familiar with Hoffman’s treatment efforts believe he was trying to get a grip on his alleged drug use to stop things from progressing to the point of using intravenously.

In addition to the Oscar for acclaimed film work, Hoffman held his own on stage. Tony nominations were earned for Broadway work in stage comebacks of classic plays including True West.

He was not an actor gifted with heart stopping looks but he brought a wealth of character and personality in each role he took. Top rate, he made you remember who he was even though in earlier roles he became known as a character actor. Hoffman though was not nondescript as the words character actor imply.

Short in stature he wielded a big stick on stage. Scripts seemed designed for the small pudgy man who made people admire his acting style. A new role was in the works with Showtime. Gone, is actor Philip Seymour Hoffman who is dead leaving too soon, the cause an apparent overdose.

By C. Imani Williams

ABC News