Plastic Surgery Dreams and Nightmares [Sad Picture]

Plastic Surgery Dreams and Nightmares

Plastic surgery dreams and nightmares are all too real in the modern world of looking your best. Trophy wives and husbands are complying with their spouse’s wishes by going under the knife, as everyday moms sometimes take matters into their own hands. Being arm candy for some and looking like a fake Barbie doll like Valeria Lukyanova of the Ukraine, exceeds the original intentions and focus of the surgery. Still, plastic surgery for various reasons is available for a price, with or without insurance and with results that can be a dream come true or a never ending nightmare.

Plastic Surgery Dreams and NightmaresPlastic surgery can range from necessary reconstruction due to burns, accidents and cancer surgery, to simply wanting a young face and flatter tummy in the quest for youth. What ever the reasons, many times the patient pays out of pocket for the procedures required. The fine line of body dysmorphic syndrome, the chronic need for plastic surgery as described in Bruce Jenner’s case, to reconfiguring noses and chins due to bullying, is the new invention of oneself in some way.

A perceived wanting or needing of continuous surgeries can be signs of mental illness problems, anxiety and compulsiveness to be perfect in the world. Ongoing issues are not always addressed with the cut of the knife, as lingering feelings of inadequacy may still abound.

Staying young and being fit is on most people’s bucket list as they grow older, and with options in plastic surgery the possibilities are endless. Once a mostly female undertaking with facelifts and tummy tucks, many men are joining the ranks with hair replacement procedures and enhancing plastic surgery. Surgery is still risky and can prove differently with each person.

The dream come true of plastic surgery can be miraculous and can boost moral and confidence. Looking younger can be achieved by the magic that is worked by surgeons skilled in doing facelifts, administering Botox injections and performing liposuction. Old hands and legs may still remain after the face and augmentation is completed and ID cards still state the actual age of each individual. Birthdays do not lie, but stretched skin and tighter tummies always look better on the dance floor and in the pool.

Nightmares are real as many often take longer to recover with unexpected emotional trauma, surprising scarring and ongoing pain. Bills and payments due after the insurance has done their part seem to dampen the long term effect of the surgery which can lead to depression or feeling the need for more surgical procedures. Plastic surgery can be expensive and addictive as some have resorted to the knife at their hands.

Plastic surgery in most cases is elective and not covered by insurance. Prices seem not to be a stumbling block when one is determined and has the money to get the work done. For their own reasons or by the pressure from spouses or society, plastic surgery seems to be a quick fix for combatting the natural aging process. Forgoing regular exercise and nutrition to stay young and vibrant, sagging skin can just be removed and shifted easily. Plastic surgery can be a dream come true or a nightmare, with the benefits and botches that can occur.

Plastic Surgery Dreams and NightmaresSkillful doctors know what they are doing in the field of plastic surgery, but cost and timing often leaves matters to the hands of the novice. Being turned away from ongoing surgeries, Korean model Hang Mioku resorted to injecting herself with cooking oil back in 2008 after running out of silicon her own doctor had given her. The once beautiful girl sadly disfigured herself at home with a syringe and silicon given to her by her doctor, resorting to the cooking oil for further injections. Unqualified for further surgery, she could not wait any longer as she completely destroyed her own face by her own actions. She underwent later surgeries to correct the problem as doctors removed close to 7 ounces of cooking oil from her face. As others have followed suit, a UK woman put herself under the knife at home with less than quality silicon injections and is paying the price for disfigurement today.

Plastic surgery ranging from $2800 for liposuction, $6500 for a normal facelift and up to $4500 for a breast augmentation are all personal choices for various reasons. Whoever pays the bill for the desired outcome will reap the dream or nightmare from the end result.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon


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