PlayStation 4 Looking to Be This Generation’s King of Consoles

Playstation 4

Sony reported the PlayStation 4 has sold over 5.3 million units worldwide, a number that is a 1.1 million unit hop over its previously reported 4.2 million sales as of December 28th, 2013. Already toppling Xbox One sales in January 2-to-1, it is fast approaching the Wii-U in overall global sales. PlayStation 4 is looking to be crowned this generation’s king of consoles. What is astounding to consider: The PlayStation 4 will be available for sale this upcoming February 22nd in Japan, with over 24 new region-specific titles becoming available. Among them are fan favorite Dynasty Warriors 8, and a return for one of the earliest RPG titles ever made, Nobunaga’s Ambition.

At the moment, the PlayStation 4 is roughly half a million units under in sales from the Wii-U. Having had a full year of sales ahead of the Sony console, Nintendo isn’t looking to be holding their lead for much longer. What’s also astounding news (fiscally) for Sony is that sales have reached their goals with a few weeks to spare. This generation’s king of consoles appears to be easily knocking out its opposition, despite its small list of release titles. While fans of the titan console may be happy to know they made the right choice, there are still a few titles on the horizon that may aid Microsoft in the battle for the crown.

Titanfall is coming, as is Infamous for the PS4; soon, in September, Destiny will grace both consoles. The Wii-U may be facing decline and will undoubtedly fall behind as the Wii did in the 3rd generation war. However, don’t discount Nintendo or Xbox just yet. We can be petty and argue against the cliché “it’s not too late!”, because it somewhat is.

Looking at all three consoles now and considering the best options, it is really hard to justify the initial purchase of an Xbox One over a PlayStation 4, let alone a Wii-U unless its primary use is for children. Titanfall at this point would help the Xbox One in sales were it out currently. The consumer would need to decide on spending nearly $1,000, because most seem to be ending up with a PS4 if the trending sales continue to climb. Not to mention, any potential console buyers who have a PS Vita as their portable console will have an easy decision in terms of which to purchase.

In the end, the games are going to lure you, the consumer, to a particular console. For a long time, if you wanted the largest community for a sports title, you went with an Xbox; if you wanted to play Halo, you went with an Xbox. If you wanted a console that melted your games and gave birth to a new universally-hated phrase, “the red ring of death,” which supplanted the old computer adage, “blue screen of death” (both borne from Microsoft), then Xbox is what you wanted. If you wanted unparalleled graphics and reliability, you went with a PS3…at least until that dodgy period of time when all of your credit card information was stolen. Even still, if you wanted an all-inclusive console that could play your Blu-ray movies, you went with a PS3. The stolen account information came nearly at the end of the 3rd generation console’s life.

For now, unless you can dish out dispensable income for all three new systems, it seems that Sony will rise to reclaim the console wars throne once again with the PlayStation 4 becoming this generation’s king of consoles.

If the war is still being fought, then consider yourself a merry soldier, ready to serve. Your weapon, a dual shock 4, its blue glow shining brightly in a dark field of enemies trying to guide you into their fading green light. If you are purely an Xbox One fan, feel free to use the same above statement, just swap the blue and green lights.

By Emanuel F. Camacho


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