Police Try to Destroy Evidence of Raid on Innocent People


An Ankeny police team caught on camera had raided the home of innocent people and then tried to destroy the surveillance evidence of them doing so. Although many believe society is already in a police state, this is a prime example of how these incidences make America look like it is getting closer to one. Polk County, Iowa, issued a search warrant on the home of Sally Prince looking for a suspect who had been using numerous stolen credit cards in order to purchase clothes and electronics. The entire footage of the police breaking in her home was caught on surveillance video.

In the video, the police team runs up the drive way and lines up in front of the door. They are dressed in total militarized gear. The police had said that they knocked first, which a knock is required, as well as an announcement in order to prepare the people on the inside to avoid violent confrontations and other damages. The video tells a different story. It is noticed that one police officer bangs on the side of the house. Not even seconds later, another police officer uses a ram to force their way inside. Once they are inside, the video shows them raiding the home in a way that anyone on the inside would not have been prepared for.

Sally Prince, the home owner, had stated that she did not know what was going on. She said she had been traumatized from the incident and now she is unable to sleep because she is afraid that the police are going to come back and do the same thing. She is no longer afraid of burglars, but she is afraid of the police. She was shocked to find out that the entire raid was over stolen credit cards, and to her that made no sense as to why they would go through such extremes over something that simple. She then goes on the say that she believed the police were supposed to protect and serve the people, not to make people scared of them.

Prince’s son, Justin Ross, was also home when the raid took place. He had been in the bathroom at the time of the entry, where he had been armed with a gun he was legally allowed to carry. Once he heard that someone had broken into the front entry way, he stood up and drew his weapon. He said he heard someone yell “Police,” and at that moment he had quickly reholstered his weapon and sat back down with his hands on his lap. If an officer had got in on the first kick, they would have seen Ross standing there at the bathroom door with his weapon drawn, possibly resulting in Ross’ death.

The police proceeded with the raid, flipping over the couches and searching for the items on the warrant, but the police did not find anything that they were looking for. They did arrest two people who had been living in the home on unrelated charges. Miranda Scigliano was arrested for a parole violation, and Richard Adair was arrested for the possession of drugs and the intent to deliver.

The entire raid had been seen as quite disturbing, but it becomes more shocking when the police had tried to cover up the way they had executed the warrant. In the video, one of the police officers notices a camera in front of the house and rips it completely off. Another police officer sees the camera on the inside of the main room and covers it up. Many would wonder why the residents had cameras, but they claimed that their cars had been broken into in the past and Prince’s sons were both audio-visual technicians.

Many would say the police had no real reason to enter in that sort of way considering that two of the people in the home had no criminal history at all, and Ross was honorably discharged from the army. The police trying to cover up how they had entered, and then lying about it, are also troublesome. Ankeny police have no written protocol determining how they are to carry out their search warrants and they had nothing else to say because it was still an ongoing investigation.

Editorial By Brittany Varner-Miller

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