Psoriasis and Disability

PsoriasisMillions of Americans are living with Psoriasis. Flaky red patches of dry skin produced by what doctors call an overactive immune system. Shedding the skin is very much a normal part of the human process. However what is witnessed in psoriasis is just like the normal shedding process only at a much more rapid pace, and generally only on certain parts of the body. It is the most common auto immune disease in the country if not the world affecting anywhere from two to 10 percent of the population. Often something unknown to men or women suffering from psoriasis would be the long-term effects and how great the chances are of probable disability for those with symmetrical Psoriasis (on both sides of the body).

Kim Kardashian has Psoriasis

Psoriasis can be an embarrassing skin condition especially for those who may have large patches that are easily visible. Women have extremely hard times dealing with disease having to hide it. Women and men will often give up activities like swimming or going to the beach out of embarrassment.

One thing noted by most people was that their skin did have periods of remission, where the symptoms were not as harsh as some other times. Many suspected reasons for people’s remission time have been reported, and they do vary from story to story. However that is not to say what causes the bouts of inflammation for one person must also cause it for another. Most doctors will agree that many drugs have different effects depending on the individual’s particular case. We should be able to say the same for someone’s diet and that possibly one type of food could offer help for someone, and someone else may have a little to no, or possibly even negative effects from it relating to their psoriasis.

As of now there is no recorded cure for Psoriasis. Also there is no confirmed scientific evidence that any home remedies are successful at controlling the disease. However many believe they have the answer. Some would even like to sell their secret to you online. Beware of these. Whatever secret they may be wanting you to purchase can most often be found yourself with just a little bit of research. There is a wealth of health tips more than anything on the subject, some health professionals recommend trying to find out what works early on in hopes to curb the advancement of the disease

Collectively we found nearly all of the people we talked to with psoriasis agreed unanimously that diet seemed to play a factor in their breakouts. Stress was another possible cause most people agreed had a negative effect on their condition. Another big one that nearly was unanimous again was being in the Sun. Summer time seemed to be the most favorable time of the year. In fact many doctors have prescribed different types of light and UV therapy for patients. If psoriasis is not treated, the disease can and often does cause disability usually by way of arthritis in severe cases especially for men or women that have heavy plaque Psoriasis on their right and left side.

Pills for Psoriasis

Doctors may prescribe medications like Methotrexate, Cyclosporine, or several others. However there is a risk when taking these types of meds. A compromised immune system is one problem that can occur with immunosuppressant drugs. Doctors warn that you could have difficulties fighting off infection or sickness. Also sun exposure can be harmful while using some of these types of drugs, which often times makes them unappealing for patients.

There are many different foods people with psoriasis have claimed to either be on the good list or the bad list. Some of the things people felt were on the bad list were also pretty much bad for people in general. Refined Sugar would be right at the top. Also, any type of junk, processed, or any foods packed with preservatives can be marked as potential irritations of the disease. Additionally red meats also may trigger inflammation in some people along with dairy products.

You might find on the good list, diets that include eating fish a couple of times per week. Fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and salads are good things to try incorporating in to the diets of people with psoriasis.

There are also an abundance of home remedies and topical solutions that people have also claimed to work for controlling the skin disorder. We found people used an assortment of ointments from Cocoa Butter to one of the strangest solutions we heard of, and that was a product for damaged and slow-growing hair found in the African-American hair product section in stores. The product is made up of mostly different natural oils and some claim that it can make a difference in as little as 24 hours. Again no scientific research has been proven to cure psoriasis. People may try some of these at their own risk to see what might work for them. Doctors recommend a healthy diet for all people with or without the disease. It has been listed as very important for people with psoriasis to figure out some things they can do naturally to possibly curb the symptoms of this disease that often times, ends in disability for those with severe cases.

Opinion By, Aaron Thompson

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