Scott Walker and Scouts Honor

Scott WalkerScott Walker is still under fire for ex-aides E-mails. Some folks are saying Scott Walker will need more than just his eagle scouts honor badge to get out of this pickle of a mess. Many Americans are wondering why officials like Walker, who are paid a decent salary according to the national average wage, would “look to cut corners,” and not just pay his own aides with his own money when the work they are doing is on his time.

Scott Walker
Kelly Rindfleisch

Walker’s ex-aide, Kelly Rindfleisch one E-mailer in question has already pled guilty in the past for doing private campaign work on taxpayer time. Government officials are trying to still establish whether Walker is guilty of knowing about Rindfleisch doing work for him sending campaigning E-mails while off the clock for him, and on the clock for the taxpayers. Walker was rumored to be having his eyes targeted on a possible 2016 presidential race for the Whitehouse. These allegations stand to hurt the Governors chances if any foul play is to be shown on his part in the continuing scandal.

According to researchers, Walker is responsible for turning around the state of Wisconsin’s 3.5 billion dollar deficit into a positive 900 million plus reserve. Walker supporters are hoping this might outweigh talk about E-mails. Even the Boy Scouts of America, with whom Scott Walker has earned their highest rank of honor, is waiting for their fellow scout to be exonerated of the suspicions in the investigation.

Some people studying the Walker probe believe there are what some might call a few inconsistencies in the responses given by Walker in comparison to some of the recently made public E-mails sent out by Walker staff members mentioning the, than county executive in a much different light then what some say he is now letting on to believe.

Many analyzers of the case are talking about some of the 25,000 pages of E-mails.  A few of those now open to the public letters have some statements made in them that some are calling highly suspicious.

One E-mail sent by Tom Nardelli, Walkers than chief of staff says in it “our comment should be that we don’t know anything about it.”

Scott Walker
Scott Walker

Additionally Walker had claimed that he did not know anything about the investigation. However this statement was made after Walker’s then county administration director Cindy Archer wrote to him by E-mail, disclosing the fact that law enforcement had just come and confiscated Tim Russell’s computer. Afterwards Walker himself wrote in an E-mail saying, “I want Tom to respond and only after a plan is in place.” Adding that he suspected nine out of 10 to be traps. Days later he said that he did not know anything about the investigation. Walker was then elected into the role of Governor shortly after.

Sources suggest that to keep silent was the winning plan, and could very possibly be the plan Walker is still sticking by today. Whether he will be successful in dodging these continuing bullets of criticism is still yet to be seen. Other politicians have proven successful using the strategy of silence. George W. Bush was elected President of the United States after his refusal to answer questions of drug use during his college days. However some are still saying Scott Walker will defend his Eagle Scouts Honor, and they do not believe the Governor will be greatly affected by the probe in the end.

By, Aaron Thompson


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One Response to "Scott Walker and Scouts Honor"

  1. Richard Charles   February 24, 2014 at 12:38 pm

    “According to researchers”….you say Mr. Walker has turned a $3.6 billion deficit into a $900 million reserve. Here’s a hint, get some new researchers or at least tell us who they are.

    The $3.6 billion number comes from Mr. Walker himself, and was a made-up figure. At no time, did Wisconsin face such a deficit unless the 2008 Wall Street depression could be counted on to carry on and deepen until 2014. Which thankfully it did not because of the Obama administration’s TARP program as the CBO recently confirmed.

    Even so, Wisconsin has fallen behind all other mid-west states in the recovery.The promised 250 thousand new jobs from Mr. Walker is like the deficit: a projected number lacking in reality. The per capita wage gap with high tax stinkin’ liberal Minnesota has doubled to $12 thousand a year in Minnesota’s favor.

    We are 37th in job creation,down from 11th when Mr. Walker swore on the Bible to become Governor.

    And we are 48th in new start-ups due perhaps in part to a completely useless economic development board that has given tens of millions of dollars away to GOP donors without any record of who got the money or under what terms.

    As for the $900 million reserve, where is it? Oh….you mean the almost $2 billion Mr. Walker borrowed to keep the state’s lights on as revenues collapsed because of the give-aways to the wealthy? He called that deficit financing a ‘balanced budget’.

    As you know Mr. Walker, is now projecting a $1 billion surplus over the next two years. Another projection from our spend and borrow Governor. Do you believe that?

    You just might. Especially if you believe Mr. Walker did not know about the illegal campaign work being done in his office 20 feet from his desk.

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